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Florora vitiensis :a description of the plants of Viti or Fiji Islands, with a description of their history, use and properties /. It is endemic in Fiji, where it only comes from Viti Levu, and seems to be patchy on this island. Nausori Airport (SUV), both located on Fiji's main island Viti Levu. NEW OF FIJI AND PACIFIC< Latest.

Discount Flights to Viti Levu, Fiji

Receive a warning if the price falls from Frankfurt to Nadi. The Viti Levu is 56 km from Nadi Intl Airport (Nadi, Fiji). Currently 20 carriers are operating from Nadi Intl Airport. The Nadi Intl Airport operates non-stop services to 27 towns. There are at least 134 national and 215 intercontinental departures per weeks from Nadi Intl Airport.

Latecenoco Shoshonite lavas in the northwest of Viti Levu, Fiji

PETROLOGISTICS detect two basic kinds of basic kinds of alkalic olivin base and basic magma-tholite1. Basall-silicic acid ratios are constantly higher in the case of alcaline olive bases than in the case of subalkaline2 (tholeiitic) basalts3,4. In Kuno5, a third kind of magnetism, high content of clay and interalkali bassin was detected, and Hamilton6 noticed his obvious genetical relation to the lime-alkaline interstitial stomachs of arches of islands.

It was Joplin7 who identified a forth kind of basalt magic with a high potassium value and suggested the name Shoshonit8 for the magic serie deriving from a high caliber mother magic. Shoshonite potassium is just as alkali as sodium-rich alkali olivin base salts, but the potassium to sodium ratios in shoshonite are close to or above 1.0, while the same ratios are 0-5 or less for typically alkali olivin base salts and their derivates.

We have been shown the feasibility of using shoshanitic lava as a hallmark of the Fiji Caenozoic lava sequences by G.A. Joplin and A.J.R. White on the base of an analytic study obtained by V. lyengar and cited by Rickard9. In Fiji, the approximate size of the large scale caenozoic ashonite is 104 square kilometres, so the origins of the magic pose a major petrological battle.

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