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Fiji Dravuni Island

Expédition de l'île de développement communautaire à Fidschi. The Dravuni is a volcanic island in the Kadavu archipelago, Fiji, south of the main island Viti Levu. In Dravuni Island, Fiji, learn the best things about the port. Kadavu Province Dravuni Island Beaches Fiji. The island of Dravuni is a volcanic island located in the Kadavu archipelago in Fiji.

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Dravuni Island, a small island with less than 200 inhabitants, is the quintessence for travelers who want to experience themselves as a real shipwrecked person exposed on lonely water. Only one small town allows the visitor to get rid of duty-free articles and cheesy memories, relax on the beach, snorkel in the nearby coral and sunbath.

Part of the group of Fiji Kadavu Islands, this beautiful, sturdy Pacific island attracts the interest of those who do not use telephones and debit and want to return to the basic principles on their holidays. The routes have only recently made Dravuni a popular destination and there is much to appreciate about one of the most untouched places in the South Pacific.

The island of Dravuni is the northernmost of several populated Kadavu archipelago islets, encircled by the Great Astrolabe reef, about 100 kilometers southwards of Suva. Cruisers are anchoring off-shore on the west side of the island of Dravuni. Such a small number of people limit the Dravuni Island infrastructures and the harbour installations are not available.

The local people usually have a small stand next to the delicate landing stage, where you can buy hand-made gifts and simple meals and beverages. Since there are no cars on Dravuni Island, you can only travel on walking. Luckily, due to the island itself, it is a 15-minute hike from one side of the island to the other.

With an area of only 0.8 km, it is simple to move along clear paths, but many tourists can decide not to be too far from the beach and the small town near the delicate landing stage. Local people also provide boating trips around the island for about AUD$20 per passenger, which takes about 15 mins.

It' a 10-minute drive to the ancestor's grave, to the old town square and to the green pool. Currencies - The Fiji Islands standard is the Fijian Dollar (FJD). Timezone - Dravuni Island is operating on Fiji 12 hrs ahead of Universal Coordinated Times (UTC) and summer times from November to April (UTC +13:00).

The weather on Dravuni Island is often warm and moist with mean January temperature of 27°C and July temperature of 23°C. Hike to Dravuni's Highest Peak - For scenic vistas, take the 20-minute hike along a well-trodden track lined with palms to the highest point of the island.

Savour a wide view of the crystalline water of the astrolabe and the grass-covered volcano tops of the nearby isles. Then, you will discover some of the other sand trails that link the east and west sides of the island. These include the place where the old town was founded, the Green Pool and the alleged tomb of the Fiji warrior, Ravuravu, who inhabited Dravuni and many other nearby isles.

Snorkeling at Great Astrolabe Reef - Enjoy snorkeling right on the shore in flat, hot water. Canoeing until your hearts are satisfied, use your own piece of unspoilt sandy beaches, then lean back, unwind and enjoy the South Pacific tan. Discover Dravuni Town - Meet some of the Dravuni people and appreciate their way of life, their modest town, their craftsmanship and their passion for the game.

When you get fatigued, you' ll get a local massages on the beaches for $20.

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