Where to go in Tahiti

Which way to Tahiti?

Tahiti Island, Bora Bora, take a ferry to Moorea or travel to one of the many other islands. Example 3 day program in Tahiti Island Although the 118 Isles and Aylls that make up Polynesia are often described, Tahiti is actually an isolated isle and the biggest in Polynesia. You will probably be spending some quality interflight leisure on the big Iceland. Although Tahiti is not as tropical as some of the surrounding islets, it is nice enough to explore for at least a few outings.

When you can only spend 3 nights in Tahiti, here is a route to help you make the most of your traveling. Travel to other Polynesian isles? Spend the night where? Checking into the Sarah Nui Hotel before starting your trip through Tahiti - right in the centre of the city and ideal for taking the Moorea shuttle.

To find a budgeting opportunity, take a look at Fare Rea Rea (via Airbnb or email Luc at lfrancois.tahiti@gmail.com). Here is a listing of all accommodation in Tahiti that can be reserved on-line. Sometimes Papeete gets very preoccupied and clogged, but it certainly has its charms. Papeete senses as kosmopolitan as Paris in a huge sea of secluded isles.

Begin your outing at Papeete Mark, one of the best stores in the South Pacific. We begin a walk through Papeete from the town. Highpoints are Notre Dame Cathedral, Papeete Town Hall, Queen's Pond and Paofai Gardens. When it rains (or if you need AC ), go to the Tahiti Pearl Museum.

Find out more about the pearls of Tahiti, how these wonderful gemstones are made, and maybe even buy your sweetheart the ultimative gift from Paris! Take a look at this one of a kind Tahiti tour route for more detail.

How is the surfing behaviour?

Tahiti has two surfing season. Between October and March the waves come from the northern hemisphere, which are the same as in Hawaii - but smaller and 3-5 after. So even less expert surfer can take off further inwards and put the hard core on the empty canisters!

Between April and September, surfing is produced from gravure printing equipment that travels from Antarctica to Tahiti via New Zealand. In winter (May to August) Tahiti gets its best surges. Most of the break on the southern and southwestern coast are riff break and can be very strong, concave shafts, similar to Hawaii or the Mentawais!

Although Tahiti is known as a bigwave destination, it offers surfer of all skill level surfing. There are also large breakwaters on the northern shore of Mooreas, similar to the Tahiti archipelago, both of which are without sea-break. You will have some incredible ripples by skipper!

There are a number of other pauses beyond the well-known Teahupoo surf, which most of us don't know. Because of Tahiti's location, which faces the unbroken power of the South Pacific, it is possible to have a year round upwelling. The Teahupoo has seven commercials within five leagues, all of which break in different swell and wind so it has to be good somewhere.

To Tahiti can be a great place for your partner, your boyfriend or your loved ones looking for a nautical experience or a rest in paradise. And if you want to remain near the waves throughout the entire chain of islands, we can offer you a wide range of options, whether in a 5-star hotel or in a family-run'guesthouse' that we know as a guesthouse.

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