Hiva Oa Hanakee Lodge is located on a ridge above the eastern side of the port of Tahauku and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the island's wild beauty. The second largest island of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific. The most isolated island. Name of Nuku Hiva on saari Ranskan Polynesiassa. Marquesassaarten suurin saari ja koko Ranskan Polynesian toiseksi suurin saari Tahitin jälkeen.

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It is a place of pilgrimage: people come and see the tombs of Brel and Gauguin. The largest in Polynesia, or Taaoa and its innumerable paepas (stone platforms). The Gauguin Museum, Jacques Brel Culture Center and Atuona Handicraft Center. This is a full excursion (by boat) to the beautiful neighboring Tahuata Isle.

Cimetière du Calvaire in Atuona, where Gauguin and Brel are entombed, the Gauguin Museum in Atuona, the Jacques Brel Cultural Center in Atuona, the town of Puamau and its vast Tiki (the largest in French Polynesia), Tahua Upeke", the gigantic Taaoa paea, and the neighboring hamlet and temple, the Eiaone and Punae petroglyphs, the quaint Hanaiapa hamlet, the Tahauku petroglyphs, the Tahuata Isle.

The heart of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel, Hiva Oa is located 1,184 km north east of Tahiti. Luxuriant verdant dales, perfect for exploration, host stunning archeological places, such as the vast Taaoa and Puamau area, home to the largest Tiki in Polynesia.

Atuona, the capital of Atuona, situated at the base of the dizzying cliffs of Mont Temetiu and Mont Feani, offers a number of sights: the Catholic Church, Pepeu Square, where dancing for the Marquesas festivals takes place, the Gauguin Museum, which presents a series of reproductions of his works and a reconstructed "Maison du Jouir" in a contemporary, interactivity frame, and last ly the Culture Center, dedicated to the vocalist Jacques Brel.

Both of these world-famous artists' tombs are located in the mounds above the town. It' also a starting point for discovering the wonderful Tahuata Islands near by, where you can spend an memorable holiday in touch with the natives known as gifted sculptres. Hiva Oa is an important target in the Marquesas Islands for all these reason.

Atuona, Tahauku, Puamau, Nahoe, Hanapaaoa, Hanaiapa and Taaoa. Aerodrome: Situated in the hills, 13 km from the capital Atuona. Atuona. At Atuona and Puamau. At Atuona and Puamau. in Atuona and Puamau.

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