Moai Heads

Moy Heads

The Moai statues are based on the real Moai. Moya Heads - History of Easter Island This is the question many will ask themselves when they see these sculptures for the first time on Easter Island. Easter Island sculptures are said to have been made around 1400 to 1600 A.D., but there are controversies about the precise date.

With their backs to the ocean, the sculptures are probably devoted to ancestor chieftains or deity.

They were made of Rono Raraku vulcanic cinders, and also contained the eye of corals or obsidians and sometimes had scaria (a vulcanic stone) on the top. It is myth that a human being ( "someone with extra power") would let the statue run, and the eye would shine.

A lot of the sculptures were later taken to their allocated ahu' s or stalls where they were placed. Unfortunately, many sculptures have been damaged in the Easter Island story, some of them have stones, but most of them are overgrown. About 887 sculptures exist on Easter Island, but only 288 (32%) were brought into the ahu without harm.

Many of the sculptures (397 or 45%) were never removed from the stone pit. There were only about 92 (10%) outside the stone pit (but not in its ahus). Easter Island's Moai heads contributed to the topic of "rights and duties", for these were a large part of their civilization.

It is the duty of the Easter Islanders ( "Easter Island") and the wider community to recall the Moai heads as a devotion to the Rapa Nui tribes' forefathers, deities and/or chieftains and to be reminded of them through important incidents such as civilian warfare and famine. This wonderful statue can help us to know how the Easter Islanders survive through many hardship and how we can teach from them.

Moai Head Easter Island Statues

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