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The dramatic scenery is just one of the highlights of this best Hawaii tour. Enjoy the best of the Hawaiian Islands and book a trip with Grand European Travel today. Group Deluxe Tours The experienced guides are the best in the business. You take care of all your trip information to make your holiday a pleasant and relaxing one. We' re proud to be one of America's most renowned tourism organizations, offering unrivalled itineraries since 1973.

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Experience options are liable to vary. You will be provided with a definitive listing of your available options on your itinerary. You cannot book your experience on-line; it can be bought during your journey through your Travel Director. Polynesia's 42 hectare cultural centre awakens the tradition, heritage and friendliness of the South Pacific isles.

The Breath of a lifetime. Getting on a sub and getting down to 100 ft under water is an adventurous way to go. You' ll also be able to see genuine sea creatures up- close. Atlantis Waikiki is home to many of Hawaii an aquatic fauna, corals and tortoises. Well-known for its beauty and security, Atlantis is a breathtaking expedition that will take you beyond the schoolroom as you visit our submerged wrecks, airplanes and other man-made corals, sediments and aquatic world.

Overall length approx. 3 h. Every two hrs of classical whale watching is guided by a Pacific Whale Foundation staff of accredited marine scientists who understand and understand the behaviour of moguls. Each journey is different, you never know what you will do! Overall length approx. 3 h.

Clock up and get dressed warm as we get prepared for the 38 miles journey to the top of the resting Haleakala Vulcano. Overall length approx. 6 h. This is definitely the journey for you and your hosts. For those who enjoy adventures and a great barbecue.

You' ll enjoy two first class (seasonal) snorkeling spots, as our friendly staff will take good charge of all your needs. Picus serves together with an open cocktail with Hawaii's most favourite drink, Mai Tai. Overall length approx. 3 h.

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