Kauai Adventure Guide

Cauai Adventure Guide

There are hundreds of colour photos and maps throughout the guide. It was Juan "Keone" who was the BEST guide on this tour! At Kipu Ranch Adventures we pride ourselves on being one of the best eco-tours in Hawaii. The Kukui'ula is proud of its team of passionate and knowledgeable local guides. Free Kauai Hawaii vouchers and discounts on activities, dining, services and shopping!

Cauai Adventure Guide

And Kauai was ah-mazing! The name Kauai is the garden island and it does credit to its name! From LAX we went directly to Kauai, a fast 6-hour trip (shorter on the way back!) picked up our luggage quite fast and then made our way to our agriturism.

Overnight in the wonderful Grand Hyatt on the southern side of the isle! Disadvantage was my sis and I got the room that was full of bedbugs in the bath (we had to make several complaints and then changed clothes the night before we were leaving!

We, as a whole adult familiy, have chosen that it would be better for us simply to just hire a sea front home with a swimmingpool next year! On the way we started with very neat walking sticks, walking shoes, raincoats, guards and camels, full of tasty food and sipes. We came back with a cover of silt!

The guide came to pick us up from our hotels and we made the 45 minutes ride to our trail head. At last we have arrived at our base Koke?e State Park! The guide gave us skates to put on the floor of our walking boots (sounded too much, but I don't think we would have made it without them!

Until today I have no idea what the name of the trail head is, our guide wanted to keep it confidential so that it would not be overpowered by the sights! It was the most wonderful and at the same time the most demanding walk I have ever done. And I was so proud of my mother and my whole life, because I had so many soldiers and went on my anniversary-trip!

Following the first walk we have chosen to meet another one near our hotels! Second was a walk to the seacliff! The route was much simpler from a track and was less slippery and hardly up or downhill, so it was the ideal route for a more demanding one!

So, if you like walking or if you've never walked before, I suggest you get a guide, gear up at REI and explore the Kauai Trail! The adventure of the second adventure took us through the wonderful Wailua Riviera, the biggest exotic rainforest in Kauai, and to Wailua Falls, a 100-footfall!

It was another adventure that came second for me and my whole life, it was another challenger! Our adventure began with a 5 -minute coach trip to the dropping point in the area where we boarded our 2 mile line of tandems to climb down the rivers! This is another adventure full of beautiful vistas in all directions.

As we fought to keep our boats upright to get to our walking destinations, the light was on. When we had made it, we stopped the boats and traversed the creek, climbing a forest and were on our way to the falls! This walk was like a muddy walk, sometimes sliding, but on the positive side it was at least shallow area!

We hiked about 1.5 mile through the silt, crossed several rivers, fell down a tree and stepped on a rocky rock, but after about 40 min we made it! Whoa-sua falls! I' ve never seen a giant cascade before, so I really don't have anything to match, but it was so dizzy!

It' been a great adventure and I found out that I'm going to go through tonnes of sludge to make a huge mudfall! For me it would have been great to go without my own kayaks, the trek itself was the most enjoyable, but the cascade at the end made the 4 mile long water fall 100 per cent valuable!

The third outing of our Kauai adventure saw us having a relaxing days by the swimming beach and the sea! Grand Hyatt has about 3 swimming pools, a rotten stream, a laguna, waterslides, whirlpools and sea front, so we were ready for the outing! On the fourth outing we had another great adventure to cross an old sugary farm!

We' ve used Kauai Back Country Tubing Tours and they were great! The most of my relatives were most enthusiastic about this adventure because we had seen so many great critics about it and it met our expectation! It' s cool and therefore very cool, but once you have passed it is really an amazing, rotten adventure!

They were a great part of why I liked this journey, they were fun, energetic and well-informed about the country and the plantations! That was our "most relaxing" adventure, so if you have a big celebration and the main thing is to just sit back and unwind, you'll still see the country, but it's not an all-day adventure!

We' re in Luau Kalamaku on the Kauai Plantation! We had another relaxing 6th today, but the wheather was not the best (cloudy and a little rainy), so we chose to go north coast for the first time! On the only major street in Kauai, it took us about 80 min. to get from our hotel to the far end of the North Shore, Napali Coast State Wilderness Park and Beach!

It was a wonderful place (like all Kauai beaches) and I would have liked to go for a walk, but we didn't come for it. If you like walking, my best advise is to take your equipment with you all over Kauai, there is one place you can go anywhere! Having stayed on the shore for a while, we returned to Princeville and started exploring Hanalei!

That journey passed and we all definitely didn't want to go off the islands and come home. It was a journey of a long life and I am so glad that I could at last enjoy the magical world of Kauai! The Kauai is ideal for adventurers and those who like to sunbathe! I' m sure I'll be back in Kauai soon and would like to have more food and exploration places to recommend, so keep them down!

When you read this and go straight to Kauai, 1. I'm utterly neurotic and 2. Hopefully this guide will help you choose what kind of adventure you want to take with you! from my own book, to yours!

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