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Who is Kauai Hawaii?

Garden Isle checks everything essential on the list of travellers: Surfing is legendary in Hawaii, so grab a board, get loose and catch some waves. Laura Sode-Matteson, Site Manager at World, said The Location Guideblog:. Hawaii lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Kilauea Kauai, Hawaii, United States.

Hawaii: Sceneries from a Fantasieinsel

At ROBBIE KAHOLOKULA we are not a man to play with. He' s very sweet and easy at our morning get-together and hands me his calling cards with the charme that corresponds to the head of the Kauai Holiday Inn sales department. Last I saw Robbie, he beat up Nicholas Cage. "Oh, you saw a honeymoon in Vegas," he says.

"but, hey, how many guys are allowed to handle a movie celebrity? It is unavoidable that you will end up in the cinema one day or another when you are living on this isle. "Kauai, the most western of Hawaii's major isles, has been a popular Hollywood venue and the setting for more than 40 Hollywood screenings since the nineteen-thirties.

All over the islands you will find open meadows, rain forests, mountains, a thousand falls and a variety of paradisiacal sands. Variety of this magnitude is as much a bane as a benediction, for Kauai has the fate of being the eternal deputy: he is seldom allowed to perform himself. It was the fictitious Bali Hai in the South Pacific.

In Charlton Heston's Diamond Head, natives talk complacently, disguised as the neighboring hawaiian Isle of Oahu. There is an offical touristic card with a driver to 36 shooting sites, so you can work out a do-it-yourself trip to Kauai's Zelluloid Hights or discover the Isle in a mini bus with videomonitor and a band juggler leader named Marty.

The building was severely affected by Hurricane Iniki, which devastated Kauai in 1992, and has since been shut down due to disputes over insurances. With its only watchman, the motel has the uncanny atmosphere of an archaeological site. When we get off the mini-bus, we take a look at a video showing the best form of the motel as the venue for the Elvis' Hawaii Beach Final.

"Okay," says Marty, pushing the stop switch, "let's take a breath of the King's air." At the other side of a glass fish pond there are a number of chalets; the one closest to us was manned by Elvis during the shooting. "You' had a better set of stars back then," notes Marty.

Late in the morning a newlyweds and a bridegroom are really splicing here; Hawaiian marriages are very much loved despite the disrepair. "Notice the palms that line the crest over the harbour," Marty tells us as we observe the screen. "If you believe it or not, there were never palms there.

Tree you saw on Donovan's Riff was loaded onto a L.A.arge. They were returned to Kauai several occasions, most recently for Harrison Ford's Six Days, Seven Nights, although they were 40 years old until then and somehow appeared rosy, so they were only used for long-distance filming.

and brought them back to LA until the next one. Following the publication of the movie, the proprietor of a neighboring coffee shop re-named his place The Jurassic Park, ignoring that Michael Crichton, the writer of the initial novel, lived and often passed by Kauai. We' re continuing to Anini Beach and after a barbecue we're walking along the sandy beach to look through the window of a luxurious house in Honeymoon in Vegas - now in the possession of Peter Buck, guitar player of the REMArockband.

Ominous as we get closer to the Hanalei Pier, Marty distributes songs. It' a 30-minute ride back to the city. And Marty is filling it with the last third of Hawaii.

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