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The South Pacific Ocean with over 300 isles, Fiji has changed from the seafarer's greatest misery to the visitor's best metaphor. As the" global capitol of corals ", Fiji is a great place to discover lonely shores, hard corals and untouched volcanoes. Leave the well-worn paths and discover this oasis of tropics by reserving your vehicle today!

Year-round Fiji is not very dependent on the climate, making it a popular destination for excursions all year round. Fiji's formal jargon is Fiji, Hindi and British; while British is the govermental tongue and is widely spread in touristic areas, it can be difficult to find people who speak German off the usual touristic paths, making some fast classes in Fiji a great way to gain some local appreciation.

Currencies are the Fiji Dollars and the timezone is Fiji Standard Times, GMT/UTC+13 It is likely that many service points and other providers do not accept payment via bank card, so you have some ATM! You' ll probably be arriving by plane at either Nadi International Airport or Nausori International Airport, Suva, which both have close proximity to vehicle hire firms.

When you cannot rent a vehicle directly from the airfield, ask your landlord if he can bring it to you on arrival. You can rent a vehicle in Lautoka and along the Sigatoka River, as well as in most large hotel establishments. Fiji's capital is surrounded by Queens Rd to the east and Kings Rd to the west.

Beyond the beloved touristic areas, the streets in Fiji are in bad condition. Be aware of abrupt changes in street conditions and other obstructions on the street, especially the abrupt emergence of pets or other riders, many of whom are in a rush. It is not advisable to drive at sunset.

Out of the 3,300 kilometres of Fiji's highways, 1,200 kilometres are paved. Due to these circumstances, many Fiji tourists miss outstanding places of interest and adventure because they do not want to travel! Leave the well-trodden paths and make the most of your stay with a rental car. In Fiji, there' s transport on the lefthand side of the street.

In Fiji German licences from English speakers are recognised. In Fiji, the minimal legal requirement for travel is 17 years old and the training of the population is relatively low, which may be the cause of the chaos in transport. You must be at least 21 years old to hire a vehicle and you will probably have to make additional payments if you are under 25.

Liability in Fiji requires liability coverage. Travelers from many different nations can come to Fiji without a valid visas. You can collect your guide at the airport or at your own resort and get to know the genuine Fiji rural world. Enquire with your landlord for information about inter-island road-trips. Make photos of the vehicle you are renting when you collect and return it and ask your landlord to record any damage to the vehicle that he or she may see before and after the hire.

Filling station are available in all larger cities, but in the countryside there are few filling station. When you are off the well-trodden paths with a low reservoir, ask for gasoline in a local grocery store.

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