When to Visit Easter Island

If you should visit Easter Island

The prices can be higher at the beginning of the year if LAN Airlines offers two daily flights from Santiago. Mid-September visit to Easter Island - Easter Island Forum Hi everyone, is mid-September a good place to visit Easter Island? Especially when I'm going on a few walks of the year. Are 4-5 working hours enough to get a good feeling for the island, some walks, and to see all the sights?

Please note that mid-September (around 18 September, the date of independence) is a holiday period. Otherwise it is a good travelling period, less than in October and especially in November. Intolerably windy or straightforward? What is it usually like or how chilly is it like? It should be nice unless there is a lot of breeze (but it is still possible to do so to help you with your question).

No one can give you an explanation to this one, just ignore the stat. It' not chilly, really. There is a strong need to consider the windfactor.

Do you know how many nights to visit? - easter island forum

Do you know how many nights to visit? I and my fiancé want to visit the EI as one of the legs on our twilight vacation. The question we asked ourselves was how many nights we should stay on the island if we mainly want to see the Maoi statue, Orongo, Rano Kau and not lie around more than one of them?

Do you know how many nights to visit? We are planning a visit in August! Do you know how many nights to visit? We had five fixed nights on New Year's Eve on Easter Island - the timings were great. I' d do no less than four whole-day.

Rapa Nui Travel offers full and halfday tours (we have done three of them) that really give you a good impression of the island and let you ask as many as you like. Do you know how many nights to visit? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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