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Mr. Hussey has been President and CEO of Tempered Networks since August 2014. Group F5 App Services Su, 24. Q5 App Services Sat, 23 Jun. 2018 15:08:00 GMT.

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Founding director Jeff Hussey is taking the reins at Tempered Networks, raising $2 million.

Mr. Hussey has already assisted in building a multi-billion US dollars technology giants in the Seattle area. Now the cofounder and former F5 Networks chief executive officer wants to do it again with Tempered Networks, a Seattle -based start-up company formerly known as Asguard Networks and now announced a $2 million financing deal. "I think retiring is overrated," said Hussey, who takes over as Chief Executive Officer at the start.

This is Hussey's first full-time leadership position since leaving F5 in 2002. So why did Hussey want to get back into a start-up? On the one hand, he sees a great chance in front of Tempered Networks, a safety enterprise founded in 2012 with Boeing invention.

More than half of the 15 employees at Temperature Networks are F5, and Temperature Networks technologies are engineered to secure and secure industry management system and the industry web of things from deliberate attack and unintentional vulnerability. This can be anything from power to urban watersystems, from reservoir pumping to controls for petroleum and natural Gas facilities.

While Tempered Networks has 15 clients in production, petroleum & natural Gas and utility, Hussey refused to name who uses the technologies. He is still the company's CTO and realizes that sensitive infrastructures require unique safety features that differ from those for server, laptop and travel.

Ciena Exec appoints François Locoh-Donou President & CEO of F5 Networks

François Locoh-Donou has been appointed President and CEO of the F5 with effect from April 3, 2017 and a member of the Board of Directors of F5. He will succeed John McAdam, who will continue on the F5 Board after his pension on April 3, 2017. At Ciena, where he led the team''Product Engineering, Service, Distribution, Merchandising and EMEA'', his success story shows his results.

Most recently, Locoh-Donou was SVP and COO of Ciena, a networking strategies and technologies group. Previously, he had several executive management functions at Ciena, among them Senior Vice President, Global Products Group; Vice President and General Manager, EMEA; Vice President, International Sales; and Vice President, Marketing. Before Ciena, Locoh-Donou worked in research and developpment at Photonetics, a France-based optoelectronics group.

I' ve been admiring John's responsibility for the company's corporate culture and visions and I am bringing a common dedication to the growth of F5's employees, relationships, products and service in responding to the growing needs of F5's clients. From the beginning of the recruitment procedure, we were drawn to François' multi-disciplinary and multi-national expertise, which ranges from the design to operation and distribution.

Ciena' s success story shows that he has the vision and management qualities to make important changes in the markets without jeopardizing the best of a company' s technological legacy or powerful organisational sophistication.

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