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The Samoa Cultural Village - More info - About Sua Ocean Trench Lotofaga. Samoan tourists are likely to be influenced by the presence of dogs Faleolo International Airport Information Booth. The English language is widely spoken in cities and tourist areas, but less so in more remote areas. Please visit this website for information about travelling in Samoa.


The Samoans would be at the top with a big smile if they had a competition for the world' s nicest people. Sorting the South Pacific by costs would bring Samoa close to the ground. Samoa, which everyone named West Samoa until 1997, became the first South Pacific country to break the chains of German domination in 1962 (it had been governed by the Germans since the 1890s, which is why they still produce good beers here, a camp named VailimaĆ¢then under New Zealand).

It is a country of white-washed settlements and airy straw houses, falls falling into green Lagoon and hot water of sapphires lying on palm-fringed shores that has captivated many, especially Robert Louis Stevenson, who the Samoans named Tusitala or "narrator of stories". Samoa was regarded by the Scots writer as his own esteemed isle, and spent his last five years living outside the capital.

South Pacific has a reputable, not entirely undeserving record of being a target for trustee funds baby and only well-off. Samoa is one of the exceptions to this rules. It is known as "customs duty" and is only one part of the entire fa'a Samoa wayĆ¢a relaxed life style, which always looks after the well-being of the city.

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