Bora Bora where is it

Where is Bora Bora?

Honeymoon Bora Bora Franco Polynesia could have been made for a honeymoon. This group of small, gorgeous Pacific isles offers a unique blend of tropicalism. Flying to or crossing one of these amazing isles, you will be welcomed by a landscape of superlatives and a multitude of smiled, chanting natives who complement the idyll.

Tahiti, the biggest and most populated of the French Polynesia is the ideal place to enjoy the vibrant ambience and welcoming South Pacific civilization, and can be a good starting point to get you excited about the paradise ahead. Specifically developed for these bodies of water, the ms Paul Gauguin, with a mostly Polyynesian boat that sails to distant isles that cannot be reached at the same times, is a captivating and romantically beautiful way to explore these water.

The Bora Bora -

Situated about 160 mile northwest of Tahiti (or 26 mile from Raiatea or Maupiti). The Bora Bora is known as the most beatiful of the Pacific islands. Unfortunately, the intensive tourist growth on Bora Bora Bora Bora has led to the loss of much of its polynesia charms, especially underwater.

For more information, see the page entitled Enabling Polynesian-Germany. For all the boats that sail to Polynesia, it is NOT mandatory to go to Papeete Civil Service to finalize the clearance procedure. Now, with the " gendarme " -office (French police) boats can enter and leave the port of arrival of the other island (Marquesas, Tuamotus, Gambiers, Australians etc.) and take care of all custom and entrance procedures at one place.

National Gendarmerie in Vaitape can take care of migration and custom. Leaving Polynesia is much simpler here than in Papeete, because the gendarmerie is migration, harbour and custom, all in one, which spares a lot of errand. This page was last revised in April 2015. Boa Bora Yacht Club is the only canal leading into the Laguna.

Even though the berth is situated low (85') in the area around the reconstructed Boa Bora Yacht Club, the operation is good. Anchor and berth are well shielded from the predominant eastern and southern wind. Historically, the moorings on the eastern shore of Bora Bora were limited for lagoons and environmental considerations.

Now, however, there are no such limitations and the boats can cruise and moor on the eastern side of the isle. Boats may not be anchored more than 1 NM eastwards of Bora Bora International Bora International Airports. This area is limited in time. Not only in Bora Bora, but also in Huahine and Raiatea there was a rift of dinghy/engine theft in 2015.

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