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This is the only unique luxury boutique resort on its own private island. Soflitel Bora Bora Private Island Soflitel Bora Bora Private Island. Amazing discounts on any Bora Bora Islands hotel. Bora Bora has a remarkably prominent place for a small island in the South Pacific in the part of the brain where our most beautiful travel fantasies take place. Following the call of paradise, a new island hotel offers unusual luxury.

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Bora Bora has a remarkable place for a small island in the South Pacific in the part of the mind where our most beautiful travellingantasies are located. Why Bora Bora and not the South Pacific island of Naaru, which is just as densely populated? Bora Bora Bora Bora looks just like that. It is a rainforest landscape, several hundred kilometres from the beach, the island is bordered by smooth sandy beach, crystal clear coves, hot water lakes, and an arch of luxuriant little islands right behind it.

However, as much as the screen saver - ideal for the South Pacific - you come to Bora Bora for a place like the Sofitel. Being on a secluded island is greatly enhanced by a few airy, scenic seaside restaurants, an unspoilt swimmingpool overlooking the sea and a luxurious small (or not so small) chalet to retreat to after long, lazy sundowners.

In Sofitel Bora Bora Bora Bora, the greatest choice you have to make is how you want to throw yourself away at the seas. There is the major safe, consisting of a variety of suits, cottages and mansions located along Matira Bay (and in some cases above it), with the major island just waitin' to be discovered from the back doors; and then there is a rotten boating trip or an inappropriately tiring swimming, the island privat.

Mainland options are a little more comfortable - but the wait for the room maintenance craft to enter your own island hut is not the most serious kind of discomfort you could experience. If you are in the spirit of something tranquil, the island is surrounded by peaceful pathways and pathways that lead to some small sandy areas, some of which are equipped with terrace furnishings or even outside shower facilities.

Which could make the motel better: That was the last room for your appointments at this motel. Good tidings are that the hotels below are still available. It is good to know that the room choices below are still available for your appointments in this city.

You can also pick one of the other hotels below. I' m sorry, but the landlord has raised the cost of your room. Otherwise the other hotels are also available. The system of this hospitality seems to be currently inactive. When you are in a rush, we suggest you change your choice of accommodation. Modify your details or pick one of the hotels near you with availabilities.

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