The Aorangi Forest Park offers sightseeing, hiking and hunting. and the Aorangi Awarua Trust, Taihape, New Zealand. More synonyms for Aorangi on nomen.

Mrs. M. Aorangi (wife), Tauranga, New Zealand AWMM. Aorangi' also found in these entries:

Aorangi Mountain

Aorangi Hill (72°25?S 166°22?E / 72.417°S 166.367°E / -72.417; 166.367 coordinates: 166°22?E / 72.417°S 166.367°E / -72.417; 166.367) is the highest peak, 3.135 meters, in the Millen Range of Victoria Land, Antarctica. nzfmcae, 1962-63, because of its cloud-penetrating capacity, and also in relation to aoraki/mount cook, new zealand, aorangi or aoraki, which means cloudy piercing. as well.

It is located on the Pennell Coast, a part of Antarctica between Cape Williams and Cape Adare. The Aorangi is also one of the most striking summits of the Raukumara Range, East Coast, New Zealand. The following articles contain publicly available materials from the United States Geological Survey paper "Mount Aorangi" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).

Eorangi (ship)

Some of the vessels were called after Mount Cook (Maori:Aorangi): There is a listing of vessels with the same or similar name. Once an internelink has taken you here for a particular vessel, you can modify the links to point directly to the desired vessel item, if available.

The Aorangi Road | Winery | New Zealand Wine

Aorangi Road is a family-owned vine growing on the old terraced shingles of Mangatahi high above the Ngaruroro River. One of the highest in Hawke's Bay, the northern hillsides have long and warm nights that cool down over night, making Sauvignon Blanc the ideal place for the grapes.

Aborangi English Dictionary | Collins English Dictionary

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