Cruise Bora Bora Tahiti

Bora Bora Tahiti Cruise

Sailing with Bora Bora Cruises - Private Yacht Experience. The Tahiti Liberty Cruise, Papeete Picture: Eastern Island & South Pacific Cruise - Bora Bora Bora Bora Photo Lagoon, Bora Bora Traveller Reviews The 5 well presented places with so much selection & diversity of dishes presented by very cheerful smiles, even the terrace bar was unbelievable, full notes again Oceania. Arriving early on Christmas Eve on Easter Eve, we rented a cab to drive around the Isle for a few long hikes, which we liked very much, we stayed on the Isle until Christmas Noct. It was a Christmas that we will cherish forever..


We had our first Christmas away. Then we had 5 naval fishing trips, which we simply liked "Marine" on the wonderful southpacific, until we came to Robinson Crusoe Island, yes again we enjoy the stay, where the locals were very kind and kind. The next was Pitcaine Island, this island was a frustration because we could not get on land because the oceans were a little "wobbly", but not everything was gone, the inhabitants of the island came aboard the boat and sold their boats.........

At the end of the day, how many cruise liners don't come to the island? Then we came back on the boat with the thrill of partying New Year's under the clear sky of the South Pacific. Again full score for Oceania because it is another happening that is appreciated for our life.

Sailing through the dark to Rangiroa, I began to think that there were not many more nights of our beautiful South Pacific experiences, we had another beautiful morning taking in the beauties of this part of the globe, so relaxed, tranquil and with the kind natives around us. January 3 we arrived in Bora Bora, on the first morning we got on a small shuttle to look for the shore, this is the only one in Bora Bora, we had a good season to visit the few stores that were laughably overpriced, I think this is a very pricey place, I must say.

Enjoying Polynesia, we are happy that we have chosen a cruise and not a holiday in a luxury city. Will we be going with Oceanis again for Christmas and New Year's? As the name of the cruise was "Pacific Serenade", this is a great name. When I can help someone out there who plans or thinks about this kind of cruise, stop to think and book it.............

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