It is not recommended to use the Hana as a running shoe, but we know that some of you will not only wear the Hana for chilling out in a café. This is Hana's official website, where culinary art and modern food meet. She is a research fellow and project coordinator for the Global Climate Program. Discover the road to Hana and discover the best time and places to visit. A cartoon series for young children about Hana, the agony aunt Duck, who runs a telephone hotline for young animals in need.

Ha-ha-ha vu: More than many time have you been driving through EP Album Review

Minor crimes of pubic violence today seem radical: weeping in the grocery store, weeping in the instagram, weeping in the cafe. We have become used to increasing our own sense of sorrow, undermining the notion that emotionally abundant is faint or inaccurate. "Cry on the Underground, broadcast tweet" is about as general as people' s emotions come.

It was Hana Vu who composed a track about it. The How Many Times includes genres like lounge-like down beat hop and longing independent dance ballads, but it's all connected by a charming funny atmosphere and Vus low, sentimental part. Their elliptic sensitivity makes "Crying on the Subway" more subtile and reserved than you might think.

Instead, "Crying on the Subway" is emotional empty and feel realistic. "In my dream I am in this grey room/in my breast I feel deep blue," Vu says, recalling the colours of her intonation. Vu is singing about the minis cule keys and sparkling accords of How Many Times about lunacy, failures, disappointment and anxiety.

"It' okay to be alone, because I'll make it possible," she says. If Vu cleverly proclaims: "I am make it cool/......Don't tell me I'm wrong/'Cos ain't nobody right', it felt like her own aesthetical theses. How Many Times' emphasis testifies to this. By and large, Vus consciously felt a distanced and coherent view, and her production shines.

However, as far as the texts and tunes are concerned, nothing on the album is as resonant as "Crying on the Subway", and the smooth margins often threatens to turn these tracks into relaxed indies. Yet How Many Times is a fascinating look at an artiste at the beginning of a skilfully cut journey - even if one wonders what made her cry in the first place in society, what dries her eyes.

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