Tahiti French Polynesia Map

French Polynesia Map of Tahiti

A few cards still bear the name Isla de Amat for Tahiti, named after Viceroy Amat, who ordered the expedition. Helpful maps of Tahiti & French Polynesia. Quick English map of French Polynesia, French Polynesia. The Tahiti, tourist map and road. French Polynesia Tahiti Fishcard order here.

Map of Tahiti & French Polynesia

Tahiti & French Polynesia map below shows the 10 most important activities in Tahiti & French Polynesia on a Google Map. Here is a 1:100.000 scaled topographical map of the Tahitian Isles, with 50m outlines. There are two inserts with the location map of the island and the main papete (1:12.500).

This watertight map we took with us on our trip through the South Pacific. This includes all important archipelagos and towns as well as a number of missions.

Maps of Tahiti and Moorea - Tahiti Forum

We' re going to Tahiti and Moorea for our October flitter. We' ll stay at Manava Suite Resorts in Tahiti and Sofitel in Moorea. Anybody know of any area charts so we know what's nearby? There is very little near the Sofitel Moorea.

A few stores and restuarants near the Manava Suites. Hello, greetings, Patty, I'm looking for stores, restaurant and tourist things. As I said before, there is very little near Sofitel Moorea....a very small square not too far from a walk...and Tamae Beaches (the most beautiful open sea on Moorea ) is right next to it.

There are many Moorea eateries that make a free collection for your evening meal, so that shouldn't be a problem for you. I' m not sure what exactly near the Manava Suites is, as I've never been there before. I know there are some shops and places to eat around here.

Also try "Sofitel Moorea Beach Resort, Temae, French Polynesia" to get a better idea of the situation.

17.6333 Longitude

To Tahiti (/t??hi?ti/; French pronunciation: [ta?iti]) is the biggest of the Windward group of French Polynesia; an international community of the French Republic, sometimes also known as the OSE. Situated in the Societal Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, the islands are two-part: the islands and the islands:

Tahiti Nui in the northwest and Tahiti Iti in the southeast. It has been shaped by vulcanic activities and is high and hilly with nearby reindeer herds. With 183,645 people ( "2012 census"), it is the most populated French Polynesian peninsula, representing 68.5% of the overall populace.

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