Where are the French Polynesian Islands

So where are the French Polynesian Islands?

Polynesia is a series of islands connected by an overseas country with France. Obtain the weather and area codes for the Gambier Islands, the time zone and daylight savings time. Polynesia-French:: Guam - :: Hawaii - :: And the Australasia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Explore the unique French Polynesian culture while snorkelling through the islands of Tahiti and Tuamotu and meet local members of the community.

The Tahiti and her islands: What French-Polynesian paradise is for you?

The name Tahiti is a technical term for a unique islet in a land that actually contains about 118 islands in five archipelago. The French Polynesia covers an area of 5.2 million square kilometres in the east of the South Pacific.

However, the major islands are only 3,885 square kilometers (1,500 square miles), an area smaller than the smallest US state Rhode lsland. Which islands or islands should you choose for your holiday? At least once, because that' s where your destination is, Tahiti is the most advanced French Polynesian city.

Don't be amazed if you take the motorway from the airfield to the loud, busy town of Papeete. Fancy caf├ęs and high-rise malls have long since superseded the city's wood shops, and the glas and steels of the luxurious suburban resort have displaced their inexpensive seaside fashion.

Tahiti is not a town dweller, but it is still a place to visit, especially because of its beautiful museum dedicated to the artist Paul Gauguin, the author James Norman Hall and the people of the Isle. It has many remote areas around the archipelago, but since more than 60 per cent of the country's people live on it, the ring roads that connect the various towns can only be 20 km (12 miles) western of Tahiti.

Although parts of Moorea begin to look like Papeete outskirts, the isle still has more of ancient Polynesia than Tahiti. There are also a number of sandy beach in Tahiti, where most of the sands are of the vulcanic age. Due to the closeness to Papeete and the fact that you don't have to take a quick plane to get there, Moorea has some of the cheapest resort in the world.

It is a good option if you want to make a quiet Polynesian adventure without having to break the bench. is almost as nice as Moorea and Bora Bora, but with only a few properties and almost no municipal footprints, it keeps much of its old Polynesian charms. It is also not as far away from Papeete as Bora Bora (whose serrated tread is seen in the far above the water), so the journey can be cheaper.

This is one of the best holiday destination in the whole wide open, with more resort areas than any other isle. Almost untouched by tourists, but a popular refuge for the French in Tahiti, Maupiti has some local inns. You can visit it on a daily excursion from Bora Bora.

Leeward Island's administration centre has no beach, but the low Laguna that it has with Tahaa makes it the sailor' capitol of French Polynesia. One of the best French Polynesian resort is now located on a small island of reefs. The 69 low situated atols of the Tuamotu archipelago run on a line from the north-west to the south-east for 1,159 km.

the second biggest avatar in the whole wide open water area and the best dive site in the country, is the most frequented and surrounds the third biggest laguna in the area. Its variety of endangered fauna has made it a UNESCO biosphere reserve for the conservation of valuable biodiversity-the Marquesas TV shows are a group of 10 mountain islands about 1,208 km to the north-east of Tahiti.

It is younger than the Society Islands, and because a cold ocean currents wash its banks, it has no protecting reef. In the twentieth centuries, the Marquesas were stripped of their once large population by illnesses of the nineteenth and Papeete's great attraction for the economy; today, their thinly settled, cloud-covered dales have an almost penetrating charisma.

Out of the six islands populated, only Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa have set up hotel standards, and only she and Ua Huka and the unbelievably gorgeous Ua Pou have an airport. Marquesas are best viewed on a cruise to all the islands populated, with another spectacular sight to see, namely the famous and spectacular island of Mount Aguirre.

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