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Coeur des Ministères d'Adoration - Coeur des Ministères d'Adoration Amerikanisch-Samoa - Hymnen. You were received by the Kanana Fou High School Choir with intermittent choral numbers. Sadly, we do not yet have any data on the job market for music producers. Find out about the best music teachers at your American Samoa AS location and near Alabama. The Samoan dance is perhaps the area of Samoan culture that is least affected by contact with Western civilization.

Music, a conductor for the spirit

It is one of them to perform music and experience the impact of the penetrating vibration, an action that can be felt in any aura. Music has even been said to be "a conductor for the soul", and whether it' sung or performed is "spiritual nourishment for spirit and heart". "Perhaps it is the ability of music to interact with the spirit that makes this type of music so generally known.

Music, in all its manifestations, is an important conduit for man's expressiveness, but what distinguishes it is its singular connection with the improvisational process, its creativeness and continuous vigour, which corresponds to the spirit of the performer and the ambient ambience. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November 2011 formally declared April 30th International Day of Jazzmusic to emphasize the importance of jazzmusic and its mission to unite audiences in all parts of the world.

This joint endeavour makes International Jazz Days the only celebration of international youth and youth and the only gathering of young and old of all age groups, background and nationality in 195 states. The term has its roots in the longing and fight for liberty and stands for art collaboration and the liberty of free choice in music. It was a forum that reflected the change in society and equal opportunities for men and women.

Samoa celebrates International Jazz Day on three days: at Taumeasina Island Resort on Saturday 29 April, on the shore of Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa and on Sunday 30 April, International Jazz Day, at Tiapap Gallery. On Thursday 27 April in American Samoa, a jazz jam at the Oasis Restaurant in Tafuna pampered music enthusiasts with the talent of well-known and up-and-coming musician.

2Samoa's tale of Samoa jazzy, the tale of Upolu musician Moody Rivers Band and his subsidiary Mavis Rivers - who moved to American Samoa, the US Pacific Air Force station, during the Second World War. Considered the musical maskot of US forces deployed throughout the Pacific, Mavis founded his fame as the Pacific's home of American Samoa music.

Mavis Rivers has honoured the best New Zealand singer, while her 17-year-old boy Matt Cattingub was the youngest NZ Radio Orchestra leader in the world. The Samoana Festival Board has teamed up with the Poutasi Development Trust, Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa and Tiapap Art Centre Inc. for this year's festival to bring together two New Zealand artists who have traveled to Samoa to unlock and guide the Poutasi Music Academy students' innate talents.

Acknowledged guitar players, musician, composer and educator Peter Skandera and Dave Maybee. You are music alumni who have taught in both New Zealand third and fourth grade music institutes over the last three years, with a particular emphasis on composition, arrangement and performances. Though most of their visits to Samoa were with Poutasi Music Academy members, Peter and Dave took the opportunity to exchange their expertise and experiences with National University of Samoa Community Music Program undergraduates, National Orchestra of Samoa members and the Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa String Band's gifted members.

Samoana and Dave's cooperation is highly valued by the Samoana Festival Board and will continue the New Zealand-Samoa relationship in the same way as the UNO's International Youth Day International Youth Jazzbes. In order to listen to Peter and Dave's arrangements of George Gershwin's "Summertime", please go to https://youtu. be/YZsdXcUk7YM, or even better, celebrate the International Youth Day with them in the Tiapap Gallery and listen to them first-hand.

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