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This is because ? is the traditional symbol for the ratio of the area of a circle to the area of the square on its radius. A. Let me be a line that hits the circle dew in two points A.B.

Let gamma the (unique) circle through O, A, B. You will find the BEST SELECTION & LOWEST PRICES on Phi Kappa Tau Circle Crest Decal. The ZTAF A Crucial Catch Circle Icon National Partnerships - ZTAF Stipendien - ZTAF Book Icon ZTAF Stipendien - Pink Out Games Foundation Circle. Use the : tau.circle(.min).css element to import the round TAU theme.

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Coefficient of radians and its relationship to the circle. In tau words. As the author of this work, I am releasing this work. This is not possible from a legal point of view in some jurisdictions; if so, I give everyone the right to use this work for any purposes and without restrictions, unless otherwise prescribed by legislation.

The same animated circle constants ?. Click on a date/time to display the document as it was at that point in it. This is a non-overwriteable document. No pages refer to this document.

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Self-preserving dew trickling circuit

Pathologic truncation of humans' cerebral secretions is the shared characteristic of many neuro-degenerative diseases such as AD (Alzheimer's disease), Parkinson's and Huntington's cancers. Truncation of polymers significantly alters the structures and functions of these polymers and can cause their pathologic metamorphoses. It has already been shown that cut off tau proteine shapes are present in the nucleus of the coupled spiral shaped filaments, which are the major component of neurofibrillar patology.

Recently we identify cut tau strains with a different molecule number. To characterise the patho-physiology of AD-specific Tau types, we used a transsgenic rats to express them. The Tau proteine expresses new, shortened Tau types from both transsgenic humans and endogenic rats.

In addition, these cut-off Tau molecules are located only in the incorrectly folded portion of the Tau, indicating that they are active in the Tau folding processes. The results further confirm the notion that the occurrence of Tau strains triggers and accelerates a self-propagating menstrual flow of further Tau truncations, which leads to malfolding and neurofibrillation pathologies.

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