Bora Bora Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing Bora Bora

The kitesurfing school Polynesie offers you everything you need to start your kitesurfing adventure. Recently my wife and I made an anniversary trip to Bora Bora and decided to take my kite equipment with us. Hi hunting just any info on the Kitting in Tahiti/Bora Bora. Matira Point's constant winds and reef-protected lagoon are the perfect combination for kitesurfing. Kitesurfing trip to French Polynesia from Tahiti to Bora Bora!

Kitesurf instruction in Bora Bora

The Polynesie Kitesurfing School has everything you need to get started on your kitesurfing outing. Her easily learned skills and accessible teachers make teaching a great experience. Our trainers customize their methodologies and gear to your needs. Kitesurfing courses in a paradise, have a lot of joy in the open sea!


The best tide: In the Laguna the flat waters without coral go quite far away from the beaches. Nice theater. Bathing site user: Just a small sandy area. It is necessary to start the glider in and out of the sea. Primary direction: There are many shuttle boats from the major islands or from most hotel to the city.

You have to go to the shore from the aerodrome (10 minutes).

Kitesurfing in paradise

Kiteboarding is an exciting activity in which the trailers are attached to a strong dragon with a belt, which pulls the driver on a small - maybe one meter long - fiberglass plank over different areas of sea - directly or in a row of sensational leaps and/or moves - at a speed that can surpass 100km/h!

Spectators can even feel the pulsation of the spectator and push up the adrenalin level of the driver! Once again, a bounteous mother nature offered Bora Bora perfect circumstances & a cheerful group of keen kitesurfers on their way to a breathtaking paradise. It is no wonder that the lovers of this activity are based in Bora Bora, where big waves caused by heavy breezes are soothed by an outside sanctuary that protects the most attractive lake in the whole wide open space and allows the kitesurfers to take advantage of the benefits of heavy breezes without the problems of an uneven swirl.

There are just enough humpbacks to plunge high into the skies in the midst of turns, curves and summer jumps as you race over water, where the stingrays and Reiffhaie are clearly visible: The lunch is over & the resurgence of the breeze saw the maidens who led the attack. On this picture you can see clearly the gear that has to do with the sport:

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