William and Samoa

Willam and Samoa

I' d done some research and found a Black Billy the Samoan mentioned. Willam Schulz III, faculty expert. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa. Samoa PAGO, American Samoa, (Samoa News, Sept. He has lived in different countries like Western Samoa, Vanuatu, Australia and Fiji.

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An William Somerset Maugham Encyclopedia - Samuel J. Rogal

Somerset Maugham was one of the most beloved and succesful UK authors of his age. In a 1962 sale, 35 of his works were auctioned for nearly $1.5 million; the legacies in his will were $280,000; his emoluments in the last ten years of his lifetime were $50,000 per year on average; and his $48,000 Riviera bequest in 1927 was $730,000 in 1967.

It is a guidebook to Maugham's intriguing work. It begins with a brief debate on the meaning of Maugham's biography and work, followed by a comprehensive chronological account of important biographic and literature-anoments. In several hundred alphabetical order the encyclopaedia Maughams dramas, fictions and articles about Maugham, his wife, the people he knew and associated with, the places he used to live and travel to, especially the towns and towns he included in his works, and the historic, culturally, socially and politically questions that determined his own lives and his own careers.

About Samoa: Or the island of shipping, made to the Secretary of State

Where after the deaths of a man who owns property on the territory of one of the parties would these properties fall on a national or a political entity of the other side under the law of the country, would he not have been outqualified? Custody and extradition costs shall be paid by the applicant and the recipient.

The other party's harbours shall be exempted from all harbour dues payable to the State if the motive for their escape is genuine and obvious and if no load is unloaded or taken onboard unless it relates to the crew's livelihood or is necessary for the repairs of the ships and if they do not remain in the harbour for the necessary period, taking into account the cause which caused their escape.

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