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Pattaya A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel. A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya offers comfortable rooms and suites with free WiFi access and balcony. A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Pattaya. A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel's official website. Pattaya Picture, A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel:

A-O One The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya Beach

4-star resort, right on Strand Road, Central Pattaya Properties. Aboard this paradise vessel, where soft ripples encounter a cruise of its own. It offers a stunning seaview of Pattaya seafront to the north of Pattaya Bay. A-One Pattaya has private terraces & shower + bath, karaoke, pub, restaurant and pool side area with international BBQ dinner and seafood BBQ dinner.

Privately check-in and welcome beverage, clean sheets.

Pattaya A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, National Website

Situated on the beach of the Pattaya Gold Seaside, the perfect place for your cheap holiday in Pattaya thanks to an astonishing diversity of amenities and the friendliest and most effective servicepack. Pattaya's Beach Road 4-star state-of-the-art beach road resort has 196 rooms and suite, furnished in a contemporary and stylish manner and offering all the amenities of a top class resort, including A/C, free Wi-Fi, fluffy bed, flat panel TV, balcony, safety deposit box, mini bar and more.

If you don't enjoy the comforts of your room or your apartment, you can enjoy one of our two large pool areas in our Pattaya Strand Bed & Breakfast room or just enjoy a relaxing hot tub or a relaxing hot and cold relaxing masseur. During the whole time of the year, there is a large selection of restaurants that serve the favorites of the West and Asia, and at nights the hotels and resorts come to live.

The 4-star Pattaya hotels guarantee our guests unforgettable holiday adventures. Make your reservation here on the Royal Cruise Hotels website. AS YOU CAN ACCESS US - THE ROYAL CRUISE HOTELIER IS A DEPARTURE POINT FOR ALL WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

A-O One The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya

Magnificent situation, with light, neat and roomy rooms. The employees are very courteous and supportive. Swimming pool and bar are beautiful! 4* seaplane great subject matter, good uniform, cute rooms. A few of the employees aren't so good. Upon our arrivals we asked for the way to the foyer (we came from Beach Road) and got together with some grunting, which my Thai lady had.

Checkingin was nice off to the room Wi-Fi logon not working call to the server she said I didn't have to kindly wait around 15mins later my woman phone not happily they had given us bad passwords. Reception personnel in conversation with other filthy crockery on the desk, filthy bottom under the desk, but desk top set back, 9:15 desks set back for the meal aloud and not convenient for humans to still eat.

Brekkkast is fine. There was a good indoor and outdoor heated bath. The indoor and outdoor facilities were very simple for transporting groceries in the bar. Propose to step into the front door from the side street and miss your breakfasts. Beautiful spas. Beautiful breakfasts. A great lodge, great downtown position, proximity to the sea, selection of spas, for those who can use the club lounge was great, the employees were all kind and effecient-.

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