Chatham Islands Bc

Khatham Islands Bc

Local information and maps of Chatham Islands. The Chatham Islands is an island in British Columbia, Canada, North America. Many funny channels around Chatham Island. The article is about the islands of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. To the islands in New Zealand, see Chatham Islands.

CCTV: VIDEO: The fire was put out this mornin' on Chatham Island off Oak Bay.

According to the coastal fire brigade, a fire that is glowing off Oak Bay on Chatham Island is man-made. The park and the fire brigade were summoned this mornings for the 10 by 30 metre fire, says Donna MacPherson, firefighter of the coastal fire brigade. The park personnel worked the fire in front of the fire brigade, which came with a three-person team after being alarmed by the local area people.

Firefighting teams are also fighting a fire in Sooke that grew up to 100 ha at the beginning of this weeks. Reports this mornin' said the fire was 70 percent contain.

the infiltrators on Chatham Island.

Drag your kayak to the Chatham Island shore, ignoring the No Trepassing shields and start a fire - forget the prohibition of distilling for a while - open a glass of ale and get the sound going. Not a trace of angry members of the Songshees First Nation, law enforcers or the cops. They can see us even if they can't see us," said Songhee's law enforcer Trevor Absolon.

Photos stacked on Absolon's desktop show blatant contempt for signposts stating that Chatham Island and part of Discovery Island are located in the Song-hees reserve and are not open to the general population. With the boating season getting under way, Songheees warn that they will strengthen up execution this year because the message that the islands are privately owned is not getting through to the general public. Don't worry.

We' ve tagged a few but most of them only got warnings,' said Absolon. Cards have to go through the judicial system, which is costly but it' s worth it because it shows that the first nation does not allow boatmen to ignite fire or leave rubbish and hominid rubbish behind, Absolon said. Boat-owners can use the part of Discovery Island that is a province reserve.

Gun-packed with high-resolution photographs of boats' nicknames, last year, to her astonishment, Absolon went to visit the perpetrators at home. A goal this year is to avoid Chatham Island Rap, which has been attracting 200 local residents, up to 10 groups of musicians and plenty of booze and illicit narcotics to the island for several years, Absolon said.

In the meantime, Songhees is also fighting another kind of idea on Reserveland. At certain periods of the year, the inhabitants of the bands put rubbish on the roadside as part of a joint renovation. Last year, however, the group was paying more than $8,000 to clean up rubbish that had been disposed of by non-residents in the area.

"All of these cars come through in the midnight," said Absolon, showing pictures of a pick-up that entered the reservation with a cargo and remained empty, as an example of what was happening. "We' re going to crack down," said Absolon, who is at a standstill as to why folks think it's okay to dispose of their trash on reservation lands.

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