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Nomination of the new Director of the VIC to promote the Nationality Programme

ON Vanuatu Information Centre, the international management and promotion of the Vanuatu DSP - the country's new nationality through an capital expenditure programme - has named James Harris as Managing Director. VIC is essentially the sole global concession holder for the Vanuatu Pass Programme, as all nationality requests are subject to investments in the state.

Recently, the board of the VIC recently nominated Mr Harris, who will start in Bangkok. His role will be to administer and develop the offices in line with the ambitions of the VIC and the Vanuatu government to bring the recently started Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) to the highest level of overall CIP-option.

Commenting on the announcement of the nomination, VIC Chairman and Hon Consul for Vanuatu in Vietnam, Geoffrey Bond said that Mr Harris was well suited to the role. As Vanuatu expands its worldwide office and representative networks, it is imperative to recruit seasoned experts whose capabilities and experiences will help design the Development Support Program and deal efficiently with the worldwide investment immigration industry," said Bill Bani of Bani Law, co-chairman of VIC and former chairman of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

"We believe that James Harris will be an outstanding messenger for the DSP and Vanuatu Information Center networking, and we are pleased that he is doing this job," said Mr. Bani. "The Vanuatu Development Support Program closes a large hole in the worldwide array of available discretionary support and it was important that an appropriate globalization framework for the program was established after its introduction in 2017," he said.

VIC, with five branches in Asia and a fast-developing agent base, aims to be and continue to grow in China and the UK over the next six month. As well as delivering information and assistance to the DSP Citizenship Program, an express goal of the VIC is to assist Vanuatu by delivering information on investing in Vanuatu, bilateral commerce and touring.

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