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Australian branch of the Tahiti Tourisme Board. Pages in category "Tourist Attractions in Tahiti". Learn more about choosing the best fare for Tahiti. Visit Tahiti Tourisme for more information.

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Terms apply: There may be extra charges for luggage. If you are traveling by air, please check with your carrier or their website for details on hold luggage guidelines, or check our luggage regulations page. When displaying the avarage fare per passenger inclusive of all state duties and charges, this is the sum of the fare by the number of people ( "passengers" included children).

The indicated rates for accomodation are per capita for two people. Fares are only valid for outward and return flights from selected towns. Roundtrip and country packs contain only roundtrip in selected towns and no meal, unless otherwise stated. Saving only reflects the price of the property and varies depending on the place and date of your holiday.

Fares and/or all-inclusive fares on air fares, cruise holidays and trips are liable to interruptions of holidays, supplements for busy periods and cancellations may occur according to the tariff and/or all-inclusive and in the event of cancellations up to the full amount of the ticket fee. US or foreign governments levy up to $60 in tax and dues on arrival and departure, based on the route selected, to be charged to the appropriate ATC.

Travel information for Tahiti Crewed Charter

On this page you will find useful preliminary information, trip information and basic information. You will learn from aviation procedure to visas what you can expect in order to make your vacation trouble-free and worry-free. Or you may find our PDF guidebook to help you plan your route. Bathroom, harbour waters and fuels, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, snorkeling equipment, diving center, facsimile, public telephone, web, dinghies/boats, tourist information and prospect.

ArrivalFlight to Papeete-Tahiti and then directly to Raiatea. Because of the number of trips we organize, the Moorings can provide some good prices to many locations. General introduction to the program takes place at around 11.00 a.m. either on the boat or in a meeting room at the docks.

Customers must notify the Bases when they arrive outside business hour. Basis employees will see customers, brief them on board and brief them the next morning. When you have not bought the boat damaged waiver, a bond (amount according to your invoice) must be paid at the basis by Travelers checks, Visa or Master Card and will be refunded at the end of the cruise, provided there is no lost or damaged.

There is a postal office in Uturoa, 5 km from the centre. Postage stamp, postcards and mailboxes are available at the Moorings-Basis. Free broadband connection at the basis (meeting room). Near the marina there are two cyber caf├ęs. The Huahini and Bora Bora also have their own cafe. Cell PhonesTo use your cell in Tahiti, you have several options:

You can contact your local telephone company to obtain an direct dial number for your telephone in Polynesia. A VINI Timecard can be purchased in one of the VINI stores (in Papeete) or at the mail desk at the Aiport. The Moorings can offer a free cell telephone for international calls.

5 km from the Moorings, in the capital Uturoa you will find several commercial ATMs. For the Polynesian language, the local currencies are the Pacific Francs or CFP. Due to the relatively small number of inhabitants, the water around Raiatea and Tahaa is never low in fishing.

Fisherman friends can rent a fishermen' s vessel for half a full or full days. Have a look at the Moorings offices and we will help you with the planning of your dive. Snorkel kit is provided. Rental of dive equipments can be agreed before the yacht charters or on site. Moorings is based in Marina Apooiti, 5 min from the international airports, on the northern bank of Raiatea isle.

Mooring and outside berths are free of cost for the mooring vessels. At the time of handing over the vessel, the tank is full. You can fill your tank at the marina of Boorings and on the Bora-Bora (Bloody Mary) and Huahine (main harbour) island, the marina of Boorings is 12V.

Uturoa Marina is a ESE marina of Tearearahi Pass and near the city and its stores. Mooringspier is fitted with 220V. sockets. For trips to the Raiatea, Bora Bora, Huahine and Tahaa Island, the support centre asks customers to subscribe to a disclaimer confirming their expertise on such long trips.

It is forbidden to pass just outside Raiatea (Passe Nao Nao). When in Tahiti, take the chance to see these other heritage sites. Up the Faaroa creek, birth place of all Polynesia walks, by tender or canoe ("kayak" available at the base). Once you have reserved your boat, we will send you a form with your preferences for kitchen and drinks, in which you can specify the personalized selection for all your clients.

Talk to your Moorings Holiday Planning Specialist for further information. Uturoa is the closest shopping centre. Polynesia has a high level of healthcare with outstanding healthcare and dentistry, chemists, private hospitals and a large public 24-hour Tahitian clinic.

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