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To-Sua Ocean Trench hotels: Kuwait (formerly W estern Samoa). You can download the country profile for Samoa (America). Pink sand for marine aquariums and reef systems. Our Ocean Breeze rooms have a magnificent view of the lush tropical gardens of the Return to Paradise Resort.

Oceanloving Aussie says Samoa is a great place.

Sydney, Australia, Belinda Macdonald is in great romance with the sea.

Ms Macdonald and her associate waited for a cab at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel to drive to Palolo Deep when the Dear Tourist crew called. They were also interesting to learn about their tales of the sea and their love of dive, which is the primary reasons why they decided to go to our state.

"Since our arrival we have so much appreciated our sojourn, the Samoans are so kind and the place is so peaceful. "We have been to and from many resort on the islands and the hospitableness of the local staff is so astonishing. In spite of the scorching climate, Mrs. Macdonald and her partners still believe that Samoa is the best place for a holiday.

On the basis of their previous experiences, it is certain that Samoa will see their faces again.

Samoa's best kept secret: The Sua Ocean Trench

The Sua Ocean Trench is one of the must-do adventures in Samoa. Though it may seem a little ridiculous, in reality there was only one thing for me to do to tow my wife and daughter to Samoa for our annual holiday: So, when we went to Samoa, To Sua was definitely on the activities around the Isle.

Sua is a "big hole" (that is the real Samoan translation) near the ocean, which was formed many years ago by vulcanic activities. It is about 30m high and is directly linked to the near seas. There is a cliff lead to the beach and a suspension cable and deck so that the swimmer can comfortably relax in the beautiful landscape by attaching himself to the cable.

They can reach the pit over a precipitous stair. It is in a park-like environment and you will have to make a small charge to get into the area. On the other hand, you can go to the pool, relax in the lovely tropic garden, go to a small sandy spot, let the children explore the flat pool and the creeks.

Unfortunately it was low and overcast, so the snorkeling was not very good. Nevertheless, it was an astonishing adventure to float in the sea, encircled by the high dark cliffs clad in leafy rain. With the flood, the waters pressed and withdrew, so that one was always softly moved and drawn in one direction or the other.

Simply grab the full-length cord and you can simply unwind or float and explore the corners and angles of the pit. You will be softly swung from here to there by the flood. Snorkeling was less of an adventure, as the waters were quite overcast.

But if the pit is too big for the children, take them to the nearest pool instead. Flat waters are even hotter than the waters in the holes, and there are some great things to discover. Be sure that the areas of this area are clear, so children should be wearing safety boots such as rubber sandal or heels.

Lavafields have created some naturally occurring pools suitable for smaller children. It' important that you take a pair of boots for the little ones, as the cliffs are quite hot. From here the felds extend to the west, a vast area with shallow areas, lakes, creeks, caverns and canals.

It is a vast countryside with dark soils, luxuriant vegetation and the clear ocean waters. You can test your bravery in many ways - places where you can get in at low water, go under a huge river bed and reappear in a pit on the other side.

There' s shrinkage holes on which you can just sit and be sprinkled with salt when the big waves come. All around us, the waters in the felds teem with activity. You can see how they hunt, plunge and re-enter each other in homicidal persecution.

Everywhere there are shrimps, living and those that have been hit against the rock by freaking outbreaks. Sua should definitely be on your agenda if you consider Samoa as your next holiday location. One of the jokers put a tube into one of the smaller blow holes so that the air was sprayed into a large one.

Did you already buy your Samoa itinerary? Don't miss to go to Samoa without some useful information! When you are suffering from dizziness, this precipitous step may not be for you. Situated in a lovely lush greenery. Samoa's parks are generally nice, and every apartment seems to be encircled by a South-Eden.

There was a fierce pinapple that grew right next to the spot where the kids swam in the creeks. Lavafields are swarming with lobsters and crayfish. It' great to see them chasing each other in the flats. Shrimp on the rock. The stomping ripples hit them against the cliffs.

It is a great place for people who love the outdoors.

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