Warhammer Tau Army

The Warhammer Tau Army

I' ve never read the Empire Army series or played Warhammer. Kategorie:Tau Army Profile - Products We tried something different for Adepticon 2008 and made a new army of dew. Selling my first army, I was decided to convert it to a higher level, and that's what you get. Adepticon 2007 with a Lysander Wing Liste and after I went I decided to construct what you see above and teach new technologies.

Only a small dew army - after years of drawing old naval, empire guards and chaotic patterns in all kinds of deep colours, I simply wanted something plain and light. And I think I purchased it all in two batches on eBay and re-sprayed it all at once. I' ve drawn this army with the idea that I wanted to be a good shooting army (as against my IG), but after about a year of orcs, I really miss the ghosts of CC and Waaaagh, so I sell this army on eBay in January 2009.

But I hadn't gambled much forty k over the last five years, and I thought the best way to get back into the match seriously was with an army that would make me work for my success. I was never really influenced by dew, like other troops I used to play, so the picture in this picture was stretched out for almost two and a half years.

Now, that I'm done and have a playful power, I am feeling much more at ease when I paint how I do. Boyfriend of mine purchased a 25 lb chest kit of 12 fire fighters and a devil fish transp.

It was my first army ever, and I am glad about how it has developed. So I chose to build a portable army that could deliver focused firing to every force my enemy is controlling, using the agility of the battle suit for hit-and-run toutics and the incredible firing force of the hammer-head fuel cell.

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