Ari Beach

Ari Beach

Booking Ari Beach with Expedia now and save! Booking Ari Beach, a two-star hotel in Malia. Booking your hotel in South Ari Atoll at the best price. If you live at Ari Beach in Malia, you are near the beach and comfortable to Palace of Malia and Stalis Beach. If you live at Ari Beach in Malia, you are near the beach and comfortable to Palace of Malia and Stalis Beach.

The White Sands Resort Ari' Aritoll

Cottages on the beach: Bungalows with water: Water bungalows for honeymoons: Nestled in an arcipelago of over 1100 coral-lined islands and hidden in the South Ari Atoll is the scenic islands of Dhidhoofinolhu and Whites Sands Atoll. The 1.9 km long reef of corals is encircled by whitish sandbeach, a crystalline laguna and an abundance of exotic sea creatures.

The White Sands is a new residential complex combining two well-known Maldivian real estate assets, an Island Village (formerly Ari Beach Resort) and a Water Village (formerly Dhidhoofinolhu Water Village). The White Sands Spa & Spa offers 141 rooms with different types of accommodations to accommodate all types of guest and every budget.

The most demanding traveller will be delighted by the quaint accommodation in the Over Water Bungalows and Suites. Linked to the central isle by a walkway, these rooms are evocative of Malaysian house boats on stilt poles, wonderfully furnished and offer en-suite accommodation on deck and give guests easy entry to the water.

The White Sands Resort & Spa has 3 restaurant/spa areas and a wide range of meals with 3 restaurant and 3 monthly evening dinners. The White Sands Resort & Spa has a full spa facilities on the beach. Maldives has long been home to some of the most stunning dive spots in the entire Caribbean, and the White Sands Resort & Spa provides easy acces to many of the best dive spots in the area.

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