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Fiji Tourist Sights

Nadi, Fiji Sights and attractiveness It is generally quite peaceful around Nadi city, but there are some community night clubs in the city that can be fun, but full of drunk people. Eds, a night club in the Martintar area halfway between Nadi City and the international airports, is the best place. Shop Get your souvenir in Nadi. Jacks in the city centre of Nadi is a good starting point.

Sogos, across from Jack's, has good clothes for men and woman. Make sure and visit the city' s fair. Fiji (Here you will find an introduction to buying in Fiji). Walk to BeachWailioaloa is a 1/2 nautical miles of (not particularly attractive) bay sandy beaches in the area of Nadi Butbi.

The Travellers Resort is located at the northern end and Club Fiji at the southern end. It is a favourite with indigenous people ( "adults" usually swimming fully clothed) or people who drink beers, especially on workdays. You can buy a glass of cold water at Club Fiji or Travellers and/or use the resort.

Overweight of the southern end is the Wadden Sea, especially at low water. Club Fiji, however, is a more pleasant place. The turnoff to the Nausori Highlands is not too hard to find. Nadi Back Rd' is the approach route that leaves Queens Rd about three kilometres southwards of Nadi Airport in an area known as Nawaka, bordering a playground.

Accessible from the south of Nadi. It' a little harder to find from the Nadi end, but it can be done. It is advisable to get in touch with the building authority, the local authorities or the forestry office before departure in order to obtain a status update on the state of the roads in the mountain.

In order to get to High Lakes Rd, take Queens Rd to Nawaka and turn off towards the country; or from Nadi walk eastwards of Nadi's highroad. It will be a tough ride, but the landscape will be amazing and the ride is worthwhile. The highway can be used in different ways, according to how exciting you are.

Highpoint is the drive through the town of Navala (see picture above), deeply in the mountain. Boers in this area are almost entirely reed-roofed houses, a rare occurrence in Fiji. It is well deserved to see this beautiful town on the edge of a riverbank. By the way, the town accepts guests for a fixed day-fees.

We also charge for taking pictures of the villages. Secondly, take the highway to the east end of the Bukuya hamlet and drive 60 km southwards along the Sigatoka Valley and finally to the city of Sigatoka. Roads are much better on this stretch of track.

Be sure to stop in the Nakabuta town along Sigatoka Valley Rd to buy ceramics. The third way is to go as far as you like, have your picknick and drive back to Nadi. It' s not uncommon for them to walk along the street, with brush cutters on their sides, on their way to the house (vegetable patch) or perhaps a couple of cattle.

Maybe you will see them with their book or rural ladies with shrimp networks on their way to a streams. When you are interested in visiting a highland cascade where very few visitors come, please contact and make an appointment. Newtown Beaches & Wailoaloa Beaches. These are great places to go jogging or picnicking if you live near the Dominion International Hotel, Nadi Bay Motel, Traveller's Beach Resort, Horizon Beach Resort or Newtown Beach Motel.

Coming from the Aéroport, drive about five kilometres southwards and turn right on Wailoaloa Rd, which is about 100 metres behind the Dominion. Drive about three kilometers past the Nadi Bay Hotel and drive along the street to the shore. A few kilometres further to the right (along the beach) you will reach Newtown Strand, where you will find Traveller's, Horizon and Newtown Strand shelters.

From Wailoaloa Beach, if you don't want to go to Newtown, turn right off Nadi Bay Road onto Enamanu Road and continue to the end. Newtown Beach has open air traffic from Turtle Island Airways'Terminal' to the north. Coming from Nadi Airport, the turnoff to the gardens is about five kilometres to the right towards Lautoka.

Use this side street for about two kilometers. One could take a coach and take it off the highway, but of course it's much simpler if you have a rented one. The craggy Sabeto Mountains end almost at the base of Queens Rd.

Here (approx. 8-1/2 km from the airport) look out for a number of railroad lines and turn right into the unpaved path. Use a Lautoka or Viseisei coach from Nadi and ask the rider to drop you off at the ASP. ViseiseiTo the Lomolomo curve around and on the lefthand side is Viseisei, 9-1/2 km from the Aiport.

According to legends, this is the oldest town in the area. People in Fiji say that their forebears first came to Fiji in large rafts and ended up at Vuda Point near by. Near the town, Manucarecently was set up to make sure that passers-by move very slow.

It should also be a reminder to drivers that they should be careful when riding in Fiji - walkers are not as careful with their car as they should be and can get themselves into hazardous conditions. There' s a craft centre on the Nadi side of the town. At the centre of the town is a large methodistic temple with a memorial to the advent of the evangelists.

Normally a little tip to the guide through the town is in order. By the way, after visiting this town, you will be in good companionship. This giant, brand-new-looking Boer to the street's lefthand side was owned by Dr Timoci Bavadra, the deceased, dismissed Fiji Mayor.

The turnoff to Vuda Point and Anchorage Resort is on the lefthand side near the top of the first precipitous ridge along Queens Rd. After about three kilometres you come past several large crude stock containers and then the street becomes very sand. It is only a brief stroll from the sea (through a stockyard between two fresh water ponds).

The Vuda Point is about 12-1/2 km from Nadi Airport. First Landing Resort is next to it and you can also get a passport to use your own private yachting pools; Anchorage will pick you up and bring you back to the yacht harbour for free.

" Each of these places offers great places to watch the sun set while slurping the cool Fiji Bitter. If you are planning a full excursion, please contact Margaret Travel at the Aiport.

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