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The Samoan news websites are accessible on the free internet computers of all libraries. This includes Samoa News and Samoana Online. October 30, 1889 - SAMOAN NEWS. RENOUNCE MALIETOA. of the MATAAFA APOINTED KING.

Egyptians of the isles of Savaii, supporters at this important meeting. Toho buildings, and at about 11 pm Maliotoa, magistrate, at the top of the airy soldier, floor, and held in front of the build. Mataafa waa expecting hhoir arrive, whoy were put by somo male force alien inhabitant, who carried present. from the branch offices carried governed before the women and some ohoiefa were isolated, wearing personal protection and placed before the ouBO, gatherings wero mainly their own grow, arrived. on.

"As the indigenous peoples celebrated their feast, the few foreigners sat down. Maliotoa, who seemed in fine condition, then became np, and approached the assembly. Said I stand among you now as he has backed our cause, respected Mataafa, and I also respected him, me as a captive, away from my homeland, away from my times; but you have done your duties noble. know, I do it for the good of my nation. fl PO purl, "low, as you would while I was away.

Matafa. Unh-unh. Unh-unh. Thoy waso! default. We should all work for Samoa. to thank these countries for our indebtedness. sent, for their consequent assistance in the long end of the conflict. Not he passed away by Falso pledges, it's not going to bo for your good. all Samoana would help in the good cause, bo will bo become country in still.

Lime LaKOTSv" Babies, tender babies and all of poor digestive system; the Gold Medal of the International Health Exhibition, Lyndon, and highest distinction.

The Bay Area Samoans react to catastrophe

Thousands of Samoans hoped for the best, but sometimes they found out the most terrible about the island's home towns, where homes and humans were flushed away on Tuesday. On Wednesday night, the bereaved mourners gathered at the First Samoan Free Methodist Church in San Lorenzo, where the Reverend, Gaotes Vater, kept a monument to the life that had been wasted in the town of Malaela and on the Samoan isles.

At least Henry Ledoux was secure. The 17-year-old Samoana High School pupil was on his way to school after a Vacaville holiday when an earthquake struck the capitol Pago Pago at 6:48 a.m. on Tuesday. A while Ledoux was absent, but his family found out on Wednesday that he was out.

This number is taken," said San Francisco-based Queen Mary, who was not able to contact her sisters and aunts near the city of Alofau on Wednesday afternoons. Uncertain of what to do on Wednesday, Mary phoned a Samoan-Christian broadcast "Showers of Blessing", asked for news and sent a devotion of charity and help to her people.

Accompanied on the on-line ward by several hundred Samoans from Texas to Alaska, she flooded the waves to ask for news and send private message and begs. "It' s alive every 24 hrs and brings us information," said Father Ben Lepisi, Minister of the First Samoan Assemblies of the Church of God in San Jose.

He was one of several Bay Area ministers who made their congregations collection points for shelters. Said the reserves will be sent to the Samoan Isles by containership early next weekend. On Wednesday evening, his congregation was also supposed to keep a wake. Recent censuses have revealed nearly 29,000 Samoans in California, at least 6,000 of whom are living in the Bay Area, although some believe that there are many more.

There are some rooted in American Samoa, a US turf, and others come from the sovereign land of Samoa. In addition, officers at the head office of the FEMA in Oakland were on duty around the clock on Wednesday. On Wednesday mornings, a German civil servant started with a C-130 from Oakland International Airport.

FEMA spokesperson Veronica Verde said in Oakland that because it took too long for vessels to get there, the German authorities supplied the entire country, mostly from their Hawaii head office, with air bridges.

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