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The Chatham Islands local time from The Chatham Islands, New Zealand Current local time & date, time zone and difference. Actual time and date for the Chatham Islands. Find also local timer widget for Chatham Islands.

City of Chatham Islands, New Zealand.

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Chatham Standard Time Zone is a geographical area that holds time by the addition of twelve hour and forty-five minute UTC, leading to UTC+12:45. Chatham Standard Time Zone is used only on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand, in the South Pacific at 43°53?S?S, 176°31?W?W.

It' one of only three time zone with a 45-minute off-set to USTC, the others are Nepal Time (UTC+05:45) and the informal Aussie time ('Central West Time' UTC+08:45). Summers keep to the time of DST and the watches are set forward by one second. CHADT is 13hrs 45 min before ETC, 45 min before New Zealand Dayslight Time (NZDT).

At present, summer time is from the last Sunday in September to the first Sunday in April.

Time or date in Oceania > New Zealand > Chatham Islands

Look through our New Zealand calendar to see the current time in Chatham Islands and nearby communities. Every Chatham Islands town page contains seconds and date by time zone and UTC/GMT/ZULU offset. Information about whether daylight savings time is adhered to and when daylight savings time begins and ends, and the date to modify the Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter clock in New Zealand.

Every town page has an animated time zone difference chart to quickly compute time zone variations between the towns of the Chatham Islands and other towns around the time.

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