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Fiji Coral Coast resorts map

Pairs & Families View Resort - VUDA. Vote Coral Coast (Fiji Polynesia) now! See the natural beauty of Fiji's most popular destinations, including Denarau Island, Momi Bay, the Coral Coast and the Mamanuca Islands. Coral View Bure is located at a curved corner of the beach and next to the lagoon. The Yatule Resort & Spa is located in Korotogo (Coral Coast) on the famous Natadola Beach in Fiji.

Coral Coast (Fiji) hotel map with room rates and rebates

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Maps of Coral Coast. Sketchy map of Coral Coast

Want to know the precise whereabouts of your Coral Coast lodging? View the map of Coral Coast below. The map shows a maximum of 40 accommodations. Want to know the precise whereabouts of your Coral Coast lodging? View the map of Coral Coast below.

The map shows a maximum of 40 accommodations.

Luck is to discover Fiji!

Luck is to discover Fiji! The Fiji archipelago is made up of over 333 indigenous archipelagos with an area of 194,000 square kilometers in the South Pacific. There are only just over 100 of these archipelagos populated, but there are still many places to go when you plan your next one! The Fiji tourist destination lists will help you determine where you want to spend your next Fiji vacation, depending on the landscape, local routes and unique adventures.

You are Fiji Happy, no difference who you choose! Fiji's isles are the perfect representation of the paradise's essentiality. Snorkel or dive with your friends and your friends on one of our guide tours to see live coral, dolphin and up to 5 of the 7 turtles in the game.

For those who like to play a game of tennis, there are classes near the major islands clubs, and there are a number of spas and culture in or near the resorts. No matter if you want a relaxed or full vacation, there is a Fiji travel spot that is perfect for you!

Have a look at the map below to learn more about Fiji's travel destination. In case you have any question, don't hesistate to get in touch with our Fiji holiday team!

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