adoo is the largest dating app in the world. Are you happy with Badoo's TrustScore? The Badoo app shows you the people around you, and even better, the people you met in real life! adoo is a dating site where users can chat, date and meet online. is a free social networking site for people looking for new friends and potential dates.

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If you want to meet up, make new acquaintances or just have a casual conversation - Badoo has the right someone for you. Here are a few good reason why we are the best choice: - Trust of over 340 million respondents, and rising! It is free to be downloaded and used, and that will never alter for our core functions.

But if you want to give your tread a push, you can sign up for Badoo Premium. Several of Badoo Premium's capabilities are, among others, the global display of your personal profiles, endless news and more - all this in our Apache! The current Badoo Premium subscriptions start at £2.29/week.

Subscriptions are renewed periodically unless the automatic extension is deactivated at least 24 hrs before the end of the present one. To turn off automatic renewals at any point after your purchases, go to your preferences in the iTunes Store. It is not possible to cancel the existing plan during its term.

And if you don't decide on Badoo Plus, you can just keep using Badoo and enjoying it for free. Badoo stores your information in a secure manner - please review our Statement of Protection of Privacy and our General Business Conditions: Thank you for purchasing Badoo! The credit and premier are two distinct premier features and different functionality - sorry for the inconvenience.

It should also be possible to restrict the range at which you see someone - it's no use working with someone four and a half hour away, and it's all well and good that some of them have their position on their profiles, but it would simply be much less difficult to adjust their own parameters.

You''ve all these'like''don't like''pound'' etc knobs to get used to (and you don't know what half of them do because it doesn't tell you), but when you first get started out, you might do what I've done more than once now and'like' someone because you can't see the options to chatter, but then they vanish & you can't look at their Profile anywhere or look for them.

  • honestly, what good is it if you have the ability to talk, if you have to sit and let them know if you can make the first move or not? to see the folks you've shown an interest in. Encounters lets you choose whether you like other or not.

If you choose a user account, you will be forwarded to the next one. When someone you like loves you, you can talk. Nearby shows you nearby contacts - and you can start chatting right away! You must be at least 17 years old to be able to access this program.

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