Pearl Hotel Bora Bora French Polynesia

Hotel Pearl Bora Bora Bora French Polynesia

The authors give both hotels a very high rating. Of five private holiday homes in all French Polynesia. FHP Holding President Joel Allain (including Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort) and Okeano's Director for French Polynesia, Eliane Koller. Next day he called the IC THalasso at our hotel. Monu Tevairoa Bora Bora Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa - Home

The personnel were incredible! The Thibaut in the Miki Miki Miki Bar/Restaurant was so kind and supportive. This was a friend's birthdays and we had nothing at the place, he went back and forth to make sure she had a great dinner and gave her an astonishing desert that wasn't on the menus!

He' really a great employee! Almost the end, but we'll keep good memory of this hotel. What a great place to spend the night. It was a place we liked, the beaches, the water....and we liked the room...the staff...the catering--...the music...the music.... Dinner is very good, the personnel is very kind. We' ve been in Pearl Beaches for 15 years and have no regrets!

Hot and alert personnel, stunning view from the surface cabins, relaxation spas, delicious food. I had the enjoyment of living at Pearl Beach Resort for 9 nights, it was one of the best places I spent the night, I had the enjoyment of an above sea level cottage that was great. Thanks to Pearl Beach R....esort and it is nice personnel to make my journey really unforgettable.

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Bora Bora Pearl Beachesort & Spa is a 4 stars luxurious spa that provides all guests, who have chosen it, astonishing accommodation in the gardens, on the beaches or above the teal-coloured water, 3 excellent dining areas, 2 pubs and a spa that will ensure an memorable spa adventure.

It also offers many leisure facilities such as a shop, its own scuba dive and gym, freshwater spa, illuminated tenisco, mini-golf, ping-pong, volleyball and racecourse pitches, billiard and a large selection of outdoor outings. Situated on Motu Tevairoa Isle, 10 min by ferry from Bora Bora International Bora and 15 min from the capital Bora Bora Vaitape.

Situated opposite the Bora Bora archipelago, with a splendid view of Mount Otemanu. The Bora Bora Bora is encircled by a beautiful freshwater lake full of colorful tropic fishs. There' are few places in the whole wide globe like Bora Bora - it has to be seen to be valued. It consists entirely of reed-covered Polish cottages, all of which are fitted with A/C, Wi-Fi high-speed TV and Sat-TV with the US CNN station, TV shows, films, documentaries and sports.

There are 2 eateries and 2 pubs. Tevairoa Restaurant, located 6 metres above sealevel, looks out over the thousand tones of blue and blue of the Bora Bora Laguna and looks out over the magnificent Mt. of Otemanu. Hotel Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort And Spa provides AC.

This hotel is perfect for sport enthusiasts. There is a drinks and relaxation area. Hotel Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort And Spa provides handicapped accessible accommodation. Hotel Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort And Spa provides a washing and bathing area. This hotel is suited for athletes. Hotel Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort And Spa has a TV in the rooms.

Hotel Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort And Spa provides a mini-bar facility. Hotel rooms offer WI-FI Wi-Fi Wi-Fi access. Accomodation provides a radioservice for your guest.

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