Kauai Hawaii Beaches

Cauai Hawaii Beaches

However, be sure to read the following safety instructions as snorkelling on Kauai can be a little more dangerous than on the other Hawaiian islands. Explore the world's most beautiful beaches. The beaches of Kauai are known for their splendour, tranquility and landscape. Oahu coast, Kepuhi Beach on the northern shore of Kauai and Cove Park of Maui. Maybe one of the easiest ways to enjoy Kauai is to just get up early and go to the next beach for a spectacular sunrise in Hawaii.

10 top beaches in Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii is not named "Garden Island" for nothing. Kauai, with its tropical atmosphere but the comfort of being part of the United States, is an excellent place to escape whether you are going on a holiday with your friends or with your loved ones. Kauai is the home of many unbelievable beaches which are suitable for all kinds of activity from snorkelling and windsurfing to sun bathing.

The Hanalei is the most favourite bathing resort on the northern bank of the Kauai. This cove shovels into the bank and forms a crescent-shaped sandy semi moon shaped sandy beaches ideal for long strolls. Although the Hanalei cove is a wonderful bathing resort, it is also an excellent place for windsurfing and schooling. Staying all afternoon, bringing a picknick, and (in summer) sitting on the jetty watching the sun set golden and amber on the tranquil waters behind the canoes.

The Poipu Park is the hotspot of the southcoast. Brennecke's Strand, a small stretch of sand near the eponymous restaurants, is to the south. Due to the heavy waves that break near the shoreline, this is the right place for bodysurfers and boarding boogies.

Further westwards is the Poipu beaches, which offer a sheltered shallow water area ideal for couples with small kids. We continue to the Marriott Hotell, the lucky middle way between the ruggedness of Brennecke and the tranquility of Poipu. Snorkelling sites are along Poipu and the Marriott.

The Poipu Beach Park has a number of party and picnic halls and a play area for a family. Cetaceans, black seal and tortoises like to hover around Poipu, so keep an open mind! The Anini Beach Park at the North Shores is a popular place for camper. Located so near the shoreline that it creates flat waters, it is not the best place for serious floaters, but Anini is a great place for paddling and relaxing in cold waters.

If you can, take a canoe with you and canoe near the windsurf break: it's a great place to go kayaking among the coracabiner. The Polihale is the last western side of Polihale Strand, which can be reached by car from the south. The impressive (and impassable) Na Pali coast, steep rocks facing the sunset, sits enthroned above the shore.

The Polihale is one of the largest beaches on Kauai, full of gold sands that can get very warm in the never-ending sun of the west side (so get your shoes!). It is a favourite for camper. The Kalapaki and Nawiliwili Harbor beaches are one of the most visited by tourists because of their close vicinity to the Marriott Marina, the Marriott Airfield and a Marriott Resort.

Although the Kalapaki is not the clearest, it offers good bathing opportunities and is a popular place for paddleboarders. Ke'e Beach on the wet north coast is a place not to be missed. It is the most distant coast and the coast of Na Pali offers a beautiful setting for snorkellers and divers.

The Kalalau Trail, one of the most scenic walks on the islands, starts near the shore. On Waimea on the west side is not a good place for a swim or surf, but it is the only sandy spot on Kauai. Because of the dark sands, the waters here are very polluted, which makes it a little hazardous to swim, as the shark cannot see if you are a big one.

Secretbeach is no longer a mystery, but it can be hard to find if you don't know where to go because there are no signposts. As soon as you find the car park, you have to walk down a precipitous hillside that will lead you to one of the most attractive beaches on the isle.

It is a long stretch of coastline, but be careful, the further eastward you go, the more likely it is that you will occasionally meet a naturist. Overlooking Kilauea Lighthouse in the far away, Secrets offers superb windsurfing and swim, but very powerful current. Winters often bring the powerful waves of the northern hemisphere, so you want to keep out of the waters.

On the south coast of Shipwrecks Strand near the Grand Hyatt. This is a great place for boarding, and those who are courageous and know what they are doing will love it. A lot of folks get hitched on the broad sandy beaches under the rock.

Finally, a walk along the beautiful rocks takes you to Mahaluepu Beaches. The Kekaha Bay, overlooking the western part and Ni'ihau, is a great place to observe the sundown. Its coastline lies on the open sea, resulting in a powerful surge that is good for adventure-seekers. It is a long and broad stretch of sand and popular with truck drivers.

Kekaha is a great place for a campfire and stargazing if you have your own timber. Best beaches on Kauai for: I have learnt a great deal about this lovely and tropical resort since I moved to Hawaii four years ago. I' ve found that life in Hawaii is different from the holidays here, but that didn't stop me from.....

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