The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, Blenheim, New Zealand. Ómaka presents two outstanding exhibitions. The cemetery of Omaka consists of three separate cemeteries and is the final resting place for some influential personalities from Marlborough's past. The Omaka Retreat is owned by the Marlborough Aero Club and operates right next to the airfield. Booking in advance skip the aviation history line at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre in Marlborough.

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OMAA Aerodrome (ICAO: NZOM) is a New Zealand airport of the Marlborough Aero Club. Situated two sea-mile south-west of Blenheim, New Zealand, at the north end of South Island, it is home to the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre and the biennially held Classic Fighters Air Show.

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The Omaka Classic Fighters Air Show

Classic Fighters Airshow has a proud record of entertainment for a large number of attendees with skilfully thematised shows that go back almost two-decade. Over the past few years, the show has payed homage to ANZACS, aviation in films, the "race through time" both in the sky and on the floor, and many World War II theater topics such as France, North Africa and Italy.

This year, on the occasion of the celebration of the 125th birthday of New Zealand women's voting rights, the organizers are proud to be "Saluting Ladies in Aviation" at our next three-day aeronautical and entertaining spectacle! Among those to be celebrated at Yealands Classic Fighters 2019 will be our female pilots today, many of whom will be flying in the show itself.

In the pioneer years, females were never far behind men when it came to crossing the borders to go up in the air and then to prove their abilities with groundbreaking long-haul flight around the world. A number of troops, such as the famous'Night Witches', were completely served by females who, in addition to the extremely hazardous flight operation, also took on the extra tasks of service engineer, weaponry and day-to-day administrative tasks.

Story of Classic Fighters Omaka, how it came about, why we have an air show, our philosophies, our objectives and avenues.

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