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Jeanette Paulson Hereniko is an American film producer, television author, film festival director and founder of the film festival. Jeanette Paulson Hereniko has always known the power of storytelling. Jeanette Paulson Hereniko has always known the power of storytelling. Ms Jeannette Hereniko is the founder and President of Asia Pacific Films. Jeanette Paulson Hereniko has always known the power of storytelling.

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Jeanette Paulson Hereniko is an US based movie maker, TV author, filmfestival directress and creator of the year. Her fame lies in her foundation of the Hawaii International Filmfestival (HIFF), which she directed from 1981 to 1996 and actively promoted the development of Asiatic movies in America. Currently she is Chairwoman of, Te Maka Productions Inc. and the Network for the Promotion of Asian Films.

She was the first female festival manager of the Palm Springs International Festival in 1990. She founded the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema/USA ("NETPAC/USA") in 1996 and is currently its president. In 1996 she joined the University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for Communication as Executive Vice President of the Asia Pacific Media Center and held this post until 2005.

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A long history with LESLIE WILCOX Jeannette Paulson Hereniko

Jeanette Paulson Hereniko has always known the true powers of the story. As an adult she established the Hawai'i International Film Festival. In her multi-faceted career, Jeannette has taken her own path with unshakable ambition and ardor. First Jeannette Paulson Hereniko comforted herself by telling a story to avoid her abusing mum. In addition, she told tales in various media and in her capacity as founder of the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Next up, Jeannette Paulson Hereniko on Long Story Short. Short Long Story with Leslie Wilcox is Hawai?i's first TV programme to be published and broadcasted in highdefinition every week. Jeanette Paulson Hereniko has lived her whole orphanage. Hereniko has always known the true potential of the story, whether through children's tales, TV, plays or films.

He is known in Hawai?i as the founder of the Hawaii International Filmfestival, which has become one of the leading filmfestivals for the presentation of Asia and Asia Pacifica cinematography. With her second husbands, Vilsoni Hereniko, she produced the award-winning movie The Land Has Es.

Jeanette says that her infancy was the toughest day of her whole lifetime, but they also help her grow her love for telling tales. Because these first nineteen years of my Iife have been very powerful, I consider myself an Oregonian. Much of my escape took place, and I got away in tales, I got away by inventing my own imaginations about the world.

Then I was resolved not to lead a lifetime as I was raised. Since my whole being was so crazy, I just thought of this other way of being at a very, very early age. Oh. Jeannette Paulson fought Hereniko to make ends meet while still in Oregon.

How is that for a comedy? Jeannette Paulson Hereniko worked as a child narrator in Oregon before joining Hawai?i in 1975. In fact, she founded a narrative fraternity and children's arts event in southern Oregon and was hoping to keep going on recounting tales when she arrived in Hawaii. You knew the tale, you knew the tales of the river and you knew the tales of the tale.

But, movie, that's another way. So I stopped being the story teller in school and dedicated my days to pedagogical TV. She would graduate from Chaminade University in Honolulu. She would soon create Hawai?i's first movie festival, the Hawaii International Filmfestival.

One of the reasons why we don't make a movie fest, and why we don't focus on Asian and Pacific movies made by Asians and Pacific Islanders, and have some from America. He' one of the most beautiful men I've ever known. I think he didn't like the concept of a movie fest at all and he asked me to stop.

He really didn't believe that the East West Center had anything to do with the operation as he saw it. But you know, it affected my whole existence because he asked me to quit. Then there were lineaments around the bloc, and folks loved the party.

But you didn't keep it small and in control, Jeannette. Led by Jeannette Paulson Hereniko and an armies of filmmakers, the Hawaii International Film festival has grown and finally became an autonomous non-profit organisation that split off from the East West Center. She divorced her first husbands and tried to find a good equilibrium in her new position as head of the festivities, a wife and mom who raised three orphans.

I felt like my daugher made me understand my mother's history. The other two say I was okay, but I really know that I was away too much by jumping into the movie fest as some kind of refuge. Jeanette Paulson Hereniko brought her passions to the development of the Hawaii International Filmfestival.

Having lived as a stand-alone, self-sufficient wife for over a ten years, Jeannette says that it was thanks to the festival that she met the man who was to become her second soul mate. I didn't have many Pacific Islanders who knew a great deal about movies, so I asked my boyfriend Jean Charlot, who was on the movie selectors with us: Where can I find a Pacific Islander?

I made him my boyfriend and put him on my movie select panel; okay? So we went out to lunch and he said, "Before I open this glass of glass of wine, I want to tell you that I've loved you for two years, but you were so preoccupied with the movie theater.

I thought, "Here I run this movie fest, When Strangers Meet, and I didn't dare to think like that. This man's name is Vilsoni Hereniko. Jeannette Paulson Hereniko left the Hawaii International Filmfestival in 1996, the organisation she founded and to which she gave so much of her passion.

So why did you decide to leave the movie fest? Thought, man, I just dedicated my whole Iife to the movie fest, a stand-alone girl, I don't even know if I like it. I am resigning, and I will go around the globe, and I will just be enjoying my live, because I could be losing my marbles.

That'?s why I left the movie fest. Jeannette Paulson Hereniko left her comforts area in 2000 as someone who shared movies and shared them with someone who created movies. They and their new husbands, Vilsoni Hereniko, made their first movie, The Land Has Éyes, which was shot on their partner Rotuma's small home town of Fiji.

Yeah, we agreed to make a movie together. He had a movie in his head, a screenplay in his head. We brought it to Buddhadev Das Gupta from Calcutta, who was on the panel the same year as Vili and a very, very dear one. He said: "You can't make this movie; your first movie must be your own world.

You' ve got to go inside and make your own living. This is your first movie. Vili took this counsel verbatim, and he tossed it away, and he began to make his own name. We did "The country has eyes". Yes, it was the most demanding and worthwhile event of my entire lifetime.

I see my whole live from where I am now, and I'm so pleased. I' m so lucky with my own world. Made by Jeannette Paulson Hereniko and under the direction of her late teammate Vilsoni Hereniko, The Land Has Esyes made its debut at Robert Redford's renowned Sundance Festival in 2004 and won the Best Picture award at the Wairoa Maori Festival.

Jeannette had not been in the limelight of the festival for several years at the moment of this talk in 2016, but she still curates and distributes Asiatic and Pacifica movies to the university and library through a movie distributor named Alexander Street Press; and Jeannette and her spouse Vilsoni set out to make a new Mauna Kea shortfilm on the island Hawai?i.

Mayo to Jeannette Paulson Hereniko of Honolulu for telling your tale with us.

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