Islas Marquesas Florida

Marquesas Florida Islands

Well, why not Florida's Dry Tortugas and Marquesas Keys? The Marquesas Keys Tides is updated daily. The Tortugas, the most westerly key in the Florida Keys chain. Accompany us on a voyage of discovery to Marquesas Key. Name of the group, Florida State (Florida Keys) Group.

The Marquesas Keys adventure boat ride

The hectic pace of a bustling boat trip on the beach for an entire afternoon is an explosion and it' s a worthwhile journey for anyone who really wants to see why we as a local Key West and our simple approach to the Marquesas Keys. Marquesas Keys are a circle of isles, with various declarations of existance that we will be sharing with you on your days.

Inside the circle is a watercourse known as Mooney Harbor, an outlet of tranquil, clear sea full of sea creatures, encircled by islets, encircled by birdlife and stunning landscapes. On the northern side of the Marquesas we have what we call Northern Beach, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

There are several places where this is interrupted by the sea that flows through a huge lake of mangroves into the port of Mooney. On the northern side of the Marquesas there are some of the most prolific plains in the whole wide globe, which fish for fish such as permits, bonefishes and tarpons. It is flat, crystalline and very chilly.

Farther northerly we have a shipwreck that makes a great snorkeling stop. There are spotted islets in the southern part with very flat plains in between and very flat canals, which we travel along with care not to shake up any of the nice canals. You can also invite our guests to a stop at the beaches, where they can get off and enjoy fantastic snow covered sandy and Carribean landscapes.

Nearby reefs, just a hundred metres from the most southern islets, offer some amazing snorkelling spots, very near the top and far from the well-trodden paths of Key West snorkelling. For almost 20 years we have been providing Marquesas Keys adventures. There is no rough trip from Key West to the Marquesas, as most of the trip takes place on land and around the many isles passing through the area.

When we go further out and abandon the last lake isle, named Boca Grand, the Marquesas are in full sight on the skyline with only 5 mile to go. Approaching the Marquesas, a really awesome sense of respect comes to our travellers as they realise why we have gone down this road.

This boat tour through crystalline Carribean lakes will show us all abandoned mangroves along the way with enormous numbers of birds, which we seem to have passed on uninterrupted. Marquesas Keys Adventure travellers often see the three different types of sea turtles we have near and inside the Marquesas Keys you never know when they'll shoot their giant head out of the ocean to verify things.

You will find out everything about the dolphin and their environment, what makes them special as mammals and why they are always smiling..... Considering that shark is a pleasure, we provide our guests with the opportunity to paddle them "safely" from the back of the cat. You can make this quest so that you will NOT see any shark if necessary.

You can stop at shipwrecks because they are very cold, especially in 15 feet of clear sands. And the best thing you can do on this journey is just let the days be. Snorkelling, sightseeing, whale spotting, sea stop and angling.

It is a continuous celebration of the things you can see from one moment to the next. We' ve had people come here with us and we've been surprised all morning that it's been a journey of life. The Marquesas Keys is one of the options for this experience and not necessary to have a good season.

All the Marquesas Keys we fish on this voyage are negative pressures and relaxation. Catching and letting go is always watched on this adventurous journey, unless our guests choose to keep some for supper. We had never been on this quest and didn't even have anything one-of-a-kind and interesting for us.

Marquesas Keys Venture Tour is an 8 hours full days tour. The prices for this quest begin at only 750.

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