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Laucala Island - Fiji - for hire

To arrive at Laucala is almost like in Paul Gauguin's picture "Garden of Eden". Laucala has the fantasy of the South Pacific, quiet sandy shores, blue waters, crisp ocean currents, luxuriant rainforest, stunning cliffs. Laucala, off the north-east shore of Taveuni, Fiji's third biggest island, is a little different from what you would want from a holiday destination.

The holistic approach includes the entire island, the cultivation of its own animals and vegetable and the production of all its own gastronomic produce from the island's own native sources. If you are travelling on Laucala, you can see for yourself the diversity of the island's landscape, from the rain forest to the nearby countryside, from the orchard to the sea.

Prices From $3,800 to $8,200 per overnight stay or $26,000 per overnight stay for the mountain retreat. Laucala is situated northeast of Taveuni, Fiji's third biggest island. It can only be reached by airplane, a 50-minute fly from Nadi Airport, which will separate you from this unbelievable island.

Accomodation The large mansions offer space for two to six people in 1 to 3 rooms. Every house has its own charme, a singular personality and an unparalleled view. Each Boer extends over generous exterior areas with en-suite swimming pool, pavilions, sunny patios, daybeds and luxury lounges.

Outside showers blend wonderfully into the surrounding nature, where wonderful walks wind their way to secluded bays and powdery sandy beaches. Food With an appetising selection of delicious fruits and veggies from the island's own garden, each of Laucala's pubs and restuarants offers a touch of the Pacific.

Fiji atmosphere pervades the island's unbelievable kitchen, while careful customer attention takes all your personal desires into account. Enophiles will be able to taste a glass of Laucala's beautiful winery, which is full of an amazing range of noble old and new class vintages.

Most of the dishes are prepared with the freshest produce, many of which come directly from the island's garden. ActivitiesLaucala offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports to make your dream come true: horseback riding, angling, playing football, playing beachcombing, playing football, playing football, playing football, playing football, playing football, and more. Whether you want to dawdle away the time on the shore or recharge your batteries, you will never get bored on this isle.

Situated in the centre of the area is a charming lake with a smooth, sand underground. It is no longer a matter of sunbathing on small sunbathing isles. Inside the residence is the Activities Centre with a variety of convenient spots for rolling up a books or play online gambling.

With Vichy douche, tubs, and personal vapor according to the wellness philosophie of curing through it. Additional acitivities are Mountainbiking or Quadtours, Beachvolleyball, Yogoga, Snorkeling and Divecours. The Laucala Kids Club also makes sure that everyone of all age groups has a lot of enjoyment. The Best To Travel Fiji has a year round temperate temperature between 22 and 31 C. Between December and March it rains heavily and visitors should make reservations between April and November to get the most out of the year.

Arrival After arrival at Fiji International Airport in Nadi, passengers are taken by plane directly to the island of Laucala. It takes about 50 min and gives travelers just enough to explore the stunning scenery before they enjoy a typical island salute. Companied by the fragrance of the Mangowoods, the visitors then set off by road to their dream home.

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