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Lipstick" is in my eyes the linchpin of what I will call the Australian-Romanian Empire. ATRAL TRADE Srl, Brasov, Romania. entries with the tag AUSTRAL Files. Join APT on a luxurious expedition cruise aboard the stylish L'Austral. You see what your friends are saying about Austral.

Aussal aims to increase sales on Romania's stationary markets by EUR 170 million

Austral, the Rumanian stationary manufacturer, is hoping to achieve a sales volume of 10 million euros this year, after having achieved 6.7 million euros in the first three quarter of the year, which corresponds to a 3 per cent increase over the same time frame in 2011. Currently, the Group has a 7 per cent stake in the Rumanian business sector, which is expected to be around 170 million euros per year.

There is fragmentation in the markets, says Emil Deliu, General Managers of Austral (in the picture). Seven enterprises divide about 40 per cent of the total equity capital while there are many enterprises with a below 1 per cent equity capital outlay. Rumanian customers have a tendency to select lower grade goods at lower price and reduce their stationary costs, although on balance they account for about 0.5 per cent of their turnover.

Founded 19 years ago, Austral Trade has offices in 17 towns in Romania and Moldova. In 2011, the 160-strong workforce and a vehicle pool of 90 vehicles generated sales of 9.4 million euros.

Australian revenue growth in Romania

Bucharest (ROM), November 2005: The Romanian OR retailer Austral posted revenues of €7 million ($8.2 million) in the first nine month of the year, an up 30 percent on the same quarter last year. Australs director of teddy mocanu said: "This growth in revenue is attributable to the expansion of the product range and the growth in the number of customers.

For the 2005 financial year, the Group expects to generate revenues of EUR 11.7 million as a result of its domestic growth, the addition of detergents, coffees, computers and peripheral equipment, photographic and videocameras to its range of products, and an increased turnover from grocery store and consumer market groups.

Romania's Austral 9-mo sales increase by 3.0%.

Revenues rose to 6.7 million euros by September as a result of investment in streamlined service delivery, particularly the improvement of the on-line ordering system, said CEO Emil Deliu in a corporate declaration. Austral, headquartered in Bucharest, has been operating in 17 towns in Romania and Chisinau, Moldova, since 1993.

With a 7.0 percent stake, the enterprise is one of the three largest suppliers on the 160 million euros Romanian paper and stationary store.

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