Discover Cluj-Napoca holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Receive the weather forecast for Cluj-Napoca. Kluj-Napoca, town, capital of Kluj jude? (district), Northwest Romania. We celebrated the first anniversary of our office in Cluj-Napoca (commonly known as Cluj), Romania, in April.

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2018 Cluj-Napoca: Great Cluj Napoca, Romania Tourism

The informal city of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, although you will probably not find any local vamps, you can visit palaces, forts, botanical garden, museum and many more. The art community in Cluj-Napoca is lively and includes both the conventional and the progressively. Would you like to cut your Cluj-Napoca price by up to 30%? Up to 200 locations are checked for the latest and cheapest rates.

You are a tourist organization in Cluj-Napoca? The rates are for 1-21 days. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee.

Our itinerary starts in the beautiful town of Cluj-Napoca, famous for its Czech caf├ęs, and we drive to Turda, where we will be visiting one of the most beautiful subterranean places in the whole wide open air area.

Arrived there, we drive by coach through the town and then arrive at the house of a native hosts, where we prepare a tasty supper with typical produce and arrive in Sibiu at noon. The first stop is Nucet, where we met a whole host of families who own a micro-farm and an ecological park.

Then we cycle to a near -by bike - town where we discover the old mill, try a tasty loaf of native produce and then head to Bran Castle, known by many as Dracula's Castle, constructed here over 600 years ago.

Its clock tower, where the Council of the Citadel was located until 1556, also served as a prison for those condemned to their deaths. Situated on a hillside in the centre of the village, the mediaeval building consists of a temple and its fortifications, and after a long walk we drive to Jidvei, where we reach the lovely Bethlen-Haller Castle.

The Jidvei is the most important Romanian producers of whites and since the Iron Age there have been vines here. At the Japan Winery Challenge in Tokyo his bottle was decorated with 4 pieces of gold medal, and here we will enjoy some of the best vintages, and at nights we arrive in Cluj-Napoca, where our trip ends.

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