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Fiji visitors must have a passport valid for six months after the date of departure. It values its close relationship with the local villages and is proud to offer visitors the opportunity to experience the real Fiji Islands. migration policies Every individual must fill out a ticket for arriving passengers. Please be aware that the customs official on board your ship may also apply for an admission authorisation for four (4) months after your date of entering Fiji, provided that you have a document that has been obtained from a nation that does not need a Fiji Islands travel visas.

A portion of the PNR will be cut off and deposited in your pass and you must keep it secure as you must return it to immigration on your way from Fiji. Verify the lists of citizens who do not need a Fiji immigration permit.

In the case of those territories that need a visa before entering Fiji, the crews must obtain permission from the Ministry of Migration before arriving in Fiji. They must also consult the migration authorities for other migration matters, such as substitute passes, changes in your passport or work permits.

It' s also here that you can request a default renewal of two months for your first 4 months visitor permission for a FJ$96 subscription. Whilst the immigrant service is provided free of cost, the ships will be billed for the cost of returning the immigrant on their way to the boat.

Please be aware that visitors or members of the flight crews arriving in Fiji cannot travel with a one-way pass. You must have a one-way airfare OR you must have an immigration authorization document that states you are entitled to travel with a single airfare to participate in a boat and leave by ship.

Airline companies will not allow members of the flight crews to travel without this cover on a one-way flight only. Likewise, any member of the ship's personnel or visitors arriving on a boat and planning to leave by plane must formally deregister from the ship's personnel register, and the ship's captain must report their arrival before the date of depart.

If you are the owner or captain of the boat, you must inform your local migration office when registering or deregistering a new vessel. A copy of the crews' passports, the completed'Change of crew form A' on registration and'Change of crews form B' on deregistration, both of which can be obtained from the INS.

Please note: Please keep a copy of the flight tickets of the departure team. If you would like more information or to obtain a copy of the preannouncement/report for yachts/small boats, the passenger arrival card, the notification to the owner of the yachts and the report on the limit currency, please consult the Fiji Tax and Customs website.

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