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Samoa American information with interactive phone numbers and general information companies that contribute to the economy of Samoa American. Mill. plant rots Medcen in Vailima, a million-dollar health centre, is still unused. Up to now, the privately-run clinic, which the development bank of Samoa had advertised for 2 million dollars over a long timeframe, has not attracted any tenderers. Finance Minister Sili Epa Tuioti said that while the clinic is no longer in operation, the D.

B.S. owns the property. "They were unable to dispose of the property because it is on federal land," Sili said to the Sonntags-Samoaner.

He was unable to corroborate the present state of Medcen because he was not informed of it. D.B.S. has in recent years and month re-applied the property for sale or rent to its own facilities. Prior to the start of Medcen in 1998, a committed promoter of the Pacific Islands Development Facility (P.I.I.F.) promising the hospitals "to improve the standard, reduce pressure on the government system, introduce specific programs to benefit the general population, conserve currency and improve healthcare, promote travel and attract overseas investment".

MedCen opened its door with the support of 22 Samoa and American Samoa stockholders and was led by Le Mamea Dr. Emosi Puni and Leo'o Dr. John Adams. However, a few years ago the clinic got into serious economic difficulties.


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