Te Ika-a-māui

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The name Te Waka a M?ui is a M?ori name for Te Waipounamu, the South Island of New Zealand. Te Ika-a-M?ui' tells the story of M?

ui the Teina, who was never allowed to accompany his Tuakana on their early morning fishing trips. The North Island name M?ori Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. The North Island, Maori Te Ika-a-Maui, the smaller of New Zealand's two main islands in the South Pacific. Wellcome to the land from which M?ui, a cultural hero and trickster, has fished.

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The name Te Waka a M?ui (the boat or boat from M?ui) is a M?ori name for Te Waipounamu, the South Island of New Zealand. A few M?ori mythologies say it was the ship on which M?ui (a demigod character who had magical powers) was standing when he pulled up Te Ika-a-M?ui (the fishy of M?ui - North Island).

Also there are tales about other humans, Kupe and Toi, who found Aotearoa (New Zealand). He was living in the traditional home of Hawaiki. When Maui was found, he used his miraculous power to extend the range to the bank, so that his brethren did not want to take him home. As they were far out in the sea, Maui let his hook fall over the side of the (Waka).

It felt a heavy pull on the line, too much to be a regular species of squid. And Maui cried out to his brethren. They fought quite a battle before moving up the North Island of New Zealand - known as Te Ika-a-Maui (the Maui' s fish) by the Maori since that time.

Ever since, New Zealand's southern isle has been known as Te Waka a Maui (the kayak of Maui). This third (smaller) isle, known as Te Punga a Maui (Maui's anchor), is situated just outside New Zealand as it was the anchors for Maui's mule. It is known in English as Stewart Iceland.

Later, Maui went to the Atua ( "spiritual powers" or "gods") for more peaceful. While fighting and fighting, their arms made the many hills and dales covering Te Ika-a-Maui (North Island). One other ancient South Isle name for the Isle, which follows a different custom than the one mentioned above, is Te Waka a Aoraki, the kayak of Aoraki.

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