Rurutu Island Tahiti

Tahiti Rurutu Island

That' s why I loved Rurutu, French Polynesia, Rurutu, Austral Islands, Le Manotel. It is a small island southwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Rurutu, the "bubbling rock" in Polynesian, is the northernmost island of the archipelago, protected from the fury of the ocean by a small coral reef. The Rurutu Tubuai Islands French Polynesia. Rurutu, better known as the island of whales, is surrounded by high cliffs of old corals.

About Rurutu, France Polynesia

In all honesty, I had never even known about Rurutu until a few short days ago I began exploring this journey to France. I' ve never been to the Australian archipelago either. I was thrilled by Rurutu because it seemed rough and naturally and was very new. These two words are about the two best words to describe Rurutu; rough and sober.

That'?s why I used to love Rurutu, French Polynesia. A propeller airplane took me from Papeete to Rurutu. I' m in a violent gale. And yet I did love Rurutu! This was a quiet and good starting point to discover Rurutu. When I dropped my things off, the owners took me on a trip through the northern and western parts of the island.

Its name comes from the former president of France, whom he attended a few years ago. It is Rurutu known for its caverns and it turned out that this would be the first of many I would see. It would be my second date that I would love Rurutu. I' ve got a personal guidebook by the name of Reti who takes me on a really hard walk by the name of Lost Track.

I like to walk and I like to clamber, so this is perfect with the things I like. There was a view of the many caverns and the sea. Also make sure that you wear waterproof footwear, flip-flops, walking boots or trains. On the way I saw some of my friends who lived in Le Manotel and the owners took us on a trip through the area.

It was much nicer in the southern part than in the northern part and I really loved the trip. But I didn't care that the whole thing was in Frenchs. I don't speak fucking good French, but it's enough to make me comprehend it. My third of the days I was dumped to go swimming with the mantas.

Humpback whales come to Polynesia every year, especially Rurutu, after feeding in the Antarctic coastal areas for month. I could see these huge marine life toying around in the oceans from the minute I arrived. Unfortunately the wheather didn't really play along, although it looks maybe beautiful in my pictures, but then I took the pictures.

The rain, the winds howled and this caused chopy waters and enormous waves. Sadly, the only two cetaceans we saw were the ones that mated, and the leader said it was a poor plan to mate with the flock. So, we went around for 3 hrs, until on our way back to the harbour we saw the same two cetaceans that had apparently mated.

At last we got to a hunchback whale just before we stepped in! Snorkelling in chopy seawater is no pleasure. Being in the sea with these huge animals and always drinking saltwater didn't help. Swimming didn't take too long, as they stopped quite quickly and we drove back to the harbour, as it got too long and we had a plane ride that afternoons.

Unfortunately I didn't have the right gear to take good under water pictures! Whaling with the cetaceans is something very particular and should definitely be done in Rurutu. But that is still one of the many good reason why I used to love Rurutu, French Polynesia! Legal Disclaimer: I was invited by Tahiti Tourism for my journey to Rurutu.

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