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Molokai's fishing grounds are the best in Hawaii. Learn more about snorkelling and diving on Molokai, home of one of the largest reefs on the island. Some of the best beaches in the world are in Hawaii for snorkelling. With your family to Molokai Island? Just click here to return to the Hawaii Snorkeling Stories and Q&A.

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They stole our purses from the apartment we were in on Maui a few years ago. and we were on the lawn just in front of the Landro. In fact, someone came in and took our purses. As we went to the reception to tell them, I got "glances" from some of the apartmentandlords.

You were quiet, but they seemed to think, lower your vote, don't annoy other visitors, you are in paradise! I' had a bunch of travelers cheques in my purse, along with money. Immediately I was able to have new payment cards sent to me and new traveller's cheques made out. Luckily, a farm hand found our purses in the front of a small bankanaboom near the car park a few day later.

There were no cheques, of course, but whoever was the one could not pay the cheques. So, yes, unfortunately this can also occur in paradise.

The Molokai - Best bathing/snorkeling beach inýwinter? - The Molokai Message Board

The Molokai - Best bathing/snorkeling beach inýwinter? West-Molokai beaches: The Papohaku Beach Park: With a length of three mils and a width of one metre, this is one of Hawaii's biggest sandy beach. Ideal for sun bathing, be careful when you swim in high waves, especially in the cold season. Dixie Maru Beach (Kapukahehu Beach):

Be careful again with high waves, especially in the cold season. It is also a great place to observe the sundown. East-Molokai beaches: This is Halawa Beach Park: Approaching the Halawa Valley, Halawa Beach Park is a remote cove that invites you to swim but is careful during the high waves of the cold-winters.

When you are looking for the very best snorkeling in Molokai, Hawaii, then you have to drive directly to Kealakekua Bay. You' ll have to take a canoe to get to the best snorkeling area, but it's definitely a reward. You can also take a boat, but it's not so much pleasure because you're not so near the game.

As soon as you snorkel, you should see snorkelling butterflies, parrotfish, seaweed and much more. Ali'i Park is another good place to snorkel in Molokai. On the other side of the sea is the best place for surfing. The Halawa Bay is another good place for snorkeling. Snorkelling here is only mediocre, but the surrounding area is definitely a worthwhile place to be.

If you are snorkeling, you should be able to see some tropical fish, but don't anticipate anything that will blast your mind. If you are snorkeling, you should be able to see some of them. This is the place for you if you are a bit jumpy when snorkeling. And if you swam out, you might get into a strong one.

It is a wonderful place for snorkellers and non-snorkellers.

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