Bora Bora Island Nightlife

Nocturnal Bora Bora Island Nightlife

Bora Bora is not famous for its nightlife, but there are some ways to enjoy the evening in island style. To eat where the Bora Bora locals go, go to Fare Manuia (The Lucky House) for a wood-fired pizza and Hinano. Tiki Bar, Bora Bora Yacht Club or Bloody Mary's are your main island for a pleasant drink at the bar. with Maupiti Nightlife. Is a honeymoon place and its inhabitants tend to stay in the house.

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Kevin, Although I have not yet on Bora Bora (in August), all I have been reading (and that's a lot), not much of a nightlife in Bora Bora. The sun sets on the western side of Ibiza and the best DJ' s in the whole year.

Bora Bora Nightlife

Bora Bora is not known for its nightlife, but there are several ways to spend the night in the island city. At the Four Seasons, the sunny bar is the ideal place to have a cocktail or a dinner and watch the sundown. It serves a wide range of beverages, wines, beers, champagnes and cuisine.

It is a great place to chill out and observe the evening after sundown. Aparima Bar at St. Regis Resort is a good place to have a nice cocktail, eat and just chill out. You will find a large selection of chilled beverages, champagnes, wine as well as alcohol-free beverages on the menue.

You are offering free small dishes with crisps or olive together with your Cocktail. They are delicious and have a nice sea-look. Pricing can be costly - many beverages cost $28 US$ and more, but why not on holiday? When you want to see the sun set, take a boat at sundown.

At about 4:30 pm the boat will meet you at the jetty of your accommodation and take you to the other side of the island, where you can watch a fantastic sundown. At about 5:30 pm you can watch the sundown with a free drink - with or without drink.

Editor's note: The information on this page has been gathered with the help of genuine travel reports about Bora-Bora's nightlife.

Why are you in Bora Bora at night?

Every single second of the week everything on the most wonderful island in the whole wide globe revolves around the oceanfront. What to do in Bora Bora at noon? The Bora Bora is a small island where 80% of the visitors spend their honeymoons or a special time. That means that most activities in Bora Bora focus on couple and romanticism.

Bora Bora guests spend most nights at their resorts, so remember that when you choose your Bora Bora resorts. When you want to see Bora Bora, we'll tell you what to do in Bora Bora at noon. If you plan to dine outside your Bora Bora Bora Motor Club resorts, you will need to follow the schedule of the resort's shuttles to see when you can sail to and from the shore.

Travel costs between $15-$50/person according to destination. They will try to take you back to the docks, so that your planned shuttles can get back to your hotel. We have found that the only Bora Bora Dining places for which it is really worthwhile to make these efforts are Villa Mahana and St. James.

We' ve reserved this relaxed solarium tour to pick up our clients from the residence. Twenty-five a pair, it was a good idea to spend a perfectly good time. When you want to go to eat where the Bora Bora people go, go to The Lucky House (Fare Manuia) and have a wood-fired and Hinano cuisine.

Tiki and Bora Bora Yacht Club or Bloody Mary's are your primary island for a nice aperitif at the Tiki Club or Bloody Mary's Bare. Nightlife in Bora Bora is wonderfully tranquil. They may be pleased to know that star-watching is astonishing, far away from the big citysights. They can even take a Bora Bora Stangazing trip to see how the sunsets sparkle and how the Polynesians used them for direction.

Bora Bora luxury hotels provide a tranquil romantic evening, except when the drumming starts on the Polish dancing game. The majority of our clients enjoy a drink and relaxing on their above-water bungalows or in the hotel lounge and then enjoy a meal at the hotel. Several Bora Bora Estates provide real life fun in their bars or on the beaches, creating a holiday atmosphere.

A number of hotels are offering happily hours between 5 pm and 6 pm, so take a 2 for 1 drink before supper if you can. For those who stay in a Bora Bora boarding house or cheap Bora Bora lodging, you may want to enjoy a luxury Bora Bora resorta for the night. The Four Seasons Bora Bora and St Regis Bora Bora can be visited for supper.

It will charge a shuttleship charge in excess of the costs of your meal, but it will give you the romance of a Bora Bora resorts for just the expense of eating there. It is recommended that you leave early to see the lovely beaches and swimming pools and to have a drinks at the pub when the sundown.

To have an exceptional evening of conversation, consider making a reservation for a resorts Polish show supper. It' going to be hard to capture one as each venue hosts a weekly evening show. The four seasons are Monday, Conrad Nui on Tuesday and St. Regis on Thursday. All visitors should enjoy a lively Polyynesian dancing show.

When on the island, you can save a trip by reserving the Sofitel Marara Show, which offers more culture as well.

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