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Before I came here I thought all of Jersey was Gerry's Zoo' | Travel

It was Gerry who asked me to Jersey: he said he wanted to establish a audio lab.... but of course he had other things in his head, as we now know. So I was pretty amazed when I found out that it was a regular place with towns and a city and its population.

I' ve always liked Jersey: here in the northeast of the Isle, in the town of Treinity, it's a place of spirituality and idyll.... exactly what I like. It is a wonderful little fishermen town with a landing stage on the south-east shore of the archipelago, with the fairytale Mont Orgueil at the top.

We used to like going to a place named The Moorings. It' so different from Trinity. After all, this gives an impression of what it was like in Jersey during the Nazi-occupations.

So, we set up a luxurious campsite, and it was great. There is also the Wild-life Youth Hostel, an easy and inexpensive option; and a café named Firefly - the meeting point on this side of Jersey. The Château La Chaire in the Rozel River Basin has this magnificent woody park that not many know about; it has a small micro-climate and botanicals.

They think Jersey is full of wealthy folks, but it's not - it has a few of them, but it's also quite the same. It was Gerry who used to love going to the old Viktorian town. Some of the island's beautiful figures include the painter Ian Rolls, who drew Les Augrès Manor for us, and Mike Stentiford, Jersey's searcher.

Last year Mike had some conversations for Gerald Durrell Week in Jersey - following the example of Corfu, where we are visiting places where the Durrell couple used to live and work. We had a lepidopterologist in Jersey and we watched bats.

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